Hi from Christine

  • Hi everyone! I’ve chosen Christine as my username, although it has nothing to do with me. I’ve had ME/CFS for over 30 years now. I live by myself in Canberra. My brothers and sister are all interstate. I get some help through the NDIS. I just re-applied for the DSP in January 2021. I had to stop work in May 1990 as I was too unwell. I just started learning Harp in the middle of 2020. I need to strengthen my arm muscles for this! Feeling 50% well today.

  • Welcome "Christine"! I think the harp is quite physically intense - it's certainly not the most mobile of instruments. Good luck with your DSP application. Fingers crossed that you get the help you need.

  • @EmergeAustralia Thank you for your reply. I chose a harp made of carbon fibre (and painted bright red), so it is light enough for me to lift by myself into the back of my car with the seats down. Fortunately I don’t have to transport it very often.

  • Hi, Christine, Please to meet you.

  • @donnamarie Thank you. Happy to meet you too. I will look for your introduction.

  • @Christine I am a long term sufferer of me/cfs too so I can relate to the frustrations and obstacles that you face. I currently live with my family on a rural property. I like the quietness of rural life but not the isolation that it brings. Hence, I mostly have online friends due to not leaving the house a great deal.

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