Which icon to use for online meditation class?

  • Hiya, so this week we're launching both the forum (woo!) and our new online community groups. The groups are Beginners Crochet, Mindful Doodling and Meditation. I've bashed up some basic icons for the webpage but I can't decide which one looks best for the meditation class.

    In my house there's one vote for the woman meditating (from a man) who said he wouldn't feel put off by the fact it's a feminine image. I can't decide myself.

    I'd love more feedback and I'd like to test the upvoting feature so.. there are now three images below and I would be so grateful if you could you UPVOTE the one you like best?

    Feel free to post a response as well but I'm hoping to judge how successful the idea of three choices with decision by upvote is. Thank you muchly!

    *NB the upvote is the little ^ sign in the bottom right corner when you look at a post. Thanks! 🙏

  • Lotus Flower

    grab lotus flower.jpeg

  • Cross legged woman

    grab woman.jpeg

  • Mandala

    grab mandala.jpeg

  • Voted!
    I like the third option because the lotus flower is too similar to the doodle flower icon, and the cross legged woman feels to me like it's reinforcing the popular misconception that meditation/yoga etc is only for women or even that only women get CFS and marking these classes as a space for women (although I know that wasn't the intention).

  • Thanks River! Funnily enough all the men that we asked / voted across the different places we asked.. all went for the female picture! But yes totally understand your feedback. We ended up going with the lotus flower. Again totally agree with you! It is similar to the doodle flower but somehow it looked best on the whole page 😊

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