• Hiya,
    I support my daughter, eighteen with ME/CFS Fibromyalgia for eight years we think, long diagnosis. Also ADHD emerged last year, that’s always been there, masked by ‘fatigue’ etc. The ignorance and incorrect treatment recommendations has not always resulted in me being a great Carer. So I hope to learn from the discussions, hopefully more understanding and compassion and what’s useful too. I asked her permission if I share anything specific.
    Thank you everyone 🙂

  • Welcome Lathalia! There are a few carers here - we really appreciate everyone posting and offering perspectives to help each other. 💙

  • Nice to meet you Lathalia.

    My sense is that, like sufferers, carers need to be gentle on themselves 🙂

    I find the ADHD thing really interesting. It is similar to my situation - but in my case it is ASD.
    There's some interesting discussions to have about what and how ME/CFS symptoms are impacted, and how any one symptom is more one or the other condition.

    kind regards,

  • Hi, Lathalia, Please to meet you.

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