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  • Could you add some info about how to use the private chat to this guide? A lot of people don't know the feature exists and it certainly confused me at first!

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    @river That's a great idea River - thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I've added it to my list of things to do - a bit out of sorts tonight, but hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

  • @Daffy_Dave hi! Is it possible to add a post to a thread without having to use the ‘reply’ button? Also, can you please let me know what up-voting means? Thank you!

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    Hi @Bee 🙂 I'm afraid the only way to add a new reply to a post is to use something that's labelled "reply" - there are two options though:

    • there's the "Reply" word at the bottom-right of each post, and if you press this it will automatically add an "@" for the person who made that post at the start of your response (which can be deleted like any other text if you don't want it there).

    • There's also the blue button at the bottom of the thread. On mobile (at least Android), this looks like a white, left-facing arrow on a blue button, to the bottom-left of the last post. On desktop, it's a blue box with the words "Reply" in it. In both cases, there's a little downward-facing triangle to the right of these, which allows you to "Reply as topic", which I think (I haven't done this yet) starts a new topic as a reply to that post (useful if you want to start a new stream of discussion on something specific in the thread that's different to the thread's main topic.

    Does that help? Let me know if there's anything I've missed, or been unclear about. Happy posting 🙂

    Also - I haven't forgotten your request @river - it's just a little more involved, so need a few more spoons to put that together - hopefully this weekend 🙂

  • @Daffy_Dave @Bee it took me ages to see that big plain reply option too!
    And an upvote just means someone has read your comment and likes it.

  • (I think)

  • Replying to topic seems to work!

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    @Bee Glad to hear 🙂

    Also - I"m very sorry, in my brain-addled state I forgot to link this below, which talks about upvotes and reputation 🙂

  • @Daffy_Dave That clears it all up - I especially like that it can be understood to be an acknowledgment of a post/comment even if someone doesn’t have the energy to reply fully. Thank you.

  • How do you put in someone’s forum name when replying etc? It’s probably quite simple but I can’t find the magic button.

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    Hi @Glimmer so many things are only user friendly once a friend has shown you how to use it 🙂 As you have already seen the name of the person you are replying to comes up automatically when you hit the reply button below the post. To add other names or include names in a general reply to a topic, type in the @ symbol and a drop down list will appear of others on the thread. If the name you want isn't there you can start typing their name, usually only have to put in the first letter to find who you want. Hope that was the info you were looking for and I haven't just led you down the garden path. Let me know if I have and I'll try again or get a different friend to help. 😊

  • @gretch Thankyou @gretch! It worked. 🤗

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