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    The forum we use has lots of little things to help us use it, but some of them are less intuitive than others. The idea is to build this post up to contain tips on how to get the most of your forum-ing, from a technical 'what does that icon/button' do perspective ⌨ Please share any tips you think might help forum users, and I'll add them to the first post 🙂

    Sorting topics and posts

    The default setting for sorting topics (aka "threads") is "newest to oldest", while the default setting for sorting posts is "oldest to newest". If you want to change either of these though, just click on the "sort by" button to the top-right of the list of topics, or posts, and you can change it as per the pic below (Thanks to @river for suggesting this tip 🙂 ).

    topic sorting.jpg

    Finding recently-active threads

    If you want to see which threads have been active recently, click on the 'recent' icon in the 'menu bar', which looks like: the image below. (Cheers to @EmergeAustralia for this tip 🙂 )

    Recent threads.jpg

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