Hello and testing testing 123 :)

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    Hello I'm a bit unsure if this will come up in the right area on the forum but a big hello to everyone from me xx
    CFS for 10 years plus, then FM, on top of other things and more cropping up. I think I fluctuate between maybe 20% and 5% of my whole capacity, life is pretty basic.
    Thank you Emerge for setting up this space and apologies in advance if anything weird pops up by me I'm struggling a bit as not used a platform like this and my brain is boggling ❄

  • @Gerty
    Like you I hope this reply ends up in right place. I'm not a user of social media so this forum is also new to me and how to use it well. I've had me/cfs for 18 years now. Somewhere between 5%-20% of daily functioning. Like many of us I try to focus more on what I can do rather than what I can't but not always easy. I'm not well enough to use this forum daily but hope to meet some others along the way : )

  • @Gerty and @Tina this was a BRILLIANT first go. I think this is exactly the right place to put an introduction and it's great that Tina did a reply as well!

    Please don't be worried about getting everything perfect or even in the right place. There are many volunteer admins and moderators who keep their eye on the forum to see how everyone is going. If we see a post about a TV show pop up in 'medical talk' we'll just whisk it off into the 'TV chat' sub-forum.

    We will ALWAYS welcome contribution and we're all learning as we go. 😄

  • @Tina hello Tina, got your reply hope you get mine too 🌼

  • @Tina Thank you for the encouragement that we're all learning as we go 👍

  • Hi, Gerty. Please to meet you.

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