How to setup a signature and profile picture

  • Community Moderator

    You might have some seen some forum members that have a little section of text at the bottom of their posts that repeats with every post they make - this is a 'signature', and is easy to set up through your user profile. If you click on your profile icon (if you haven't already set up a signature, this will be the circle containing a letter that is the first letter of your username), and in there you'll find an option to 'edit profile'.

    In that section, you should find both an option to add a signature, as well as an option to "Change Picture" - these can be used to customise your profile, and give it a bit of a personal touch. However, please keep in mind that the group is visible to outside people, so we would recommend against using a picture of yourself, or containing personally identifying information in your signature.

    As well as this, please make sure any signatures and profile pictures are consistent with the community guidelines, and this includes links to other sites.

    Any questions, please post below and I'll do my best to assist 🙂

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