Chronic Disease Management Plan?

  • Hello forum!

    I've recently found a good GP and we've spoken about various management possibilities for my ME/CFS. One of the things I'm looking into is the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP).

    I don't know much about it, and I can't find any information on people with ME/CFS who have/use a CDMP. My GP said it was worth looking into, but to prepare myself in case any treatment plans try to push me into ye olde exercise therapy-and-CBT strategies.

    Wondering if anyone has any experience they could share?

  • I find it really strange that I've never heard about this before! No one has ever mentioned it to me, at least not by name. I've done the thing where you fill out a questionnaire to be eligible for medicare rebates on therapy (the questionnaire is about depression and anxiety symptoms) and I'm wondering if that's a type of CDMP? That plan lasts for a fixed number of appointments, I believe. I know of people who've got them for physiotherapy as well.

  • I have had Chronic Disease Management Plans over the years. It entitles you to 5 sessions with allied health professionals - I have used exercise physiologist, physiotherapy. Depending on the business, that may cover the full cost or there may be extra charges so it’s good to ask that up front. It is about setting goals and then reviewing them. The GP visit is bulk billed as part of the plan and the review.

  • @river You are referring to a Mental Health Care plan which I think from memory covers 10 therapy sessions. It is the same concept.

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