Travel tips?

  • We're heading away this weekend for a stay by the sea with our son for his 18th (sadly also his 8th anniversary with ME/CFS). He's moderate/severe with POTS as well and doesn't travel well. Does anyone have good tips for this? He'll have a pillow, can raise his legs in the car, and is bringing a cooler bottle for water and noise cancelling headphones.

  • It sounds like you're well prepared. Do you have any electrolyte drinks or salty snacks? I find barbecue shapes (the arnotts ones) a life saver, they have literally stopped me from passing out during car trips.

  • @river Good idea, cheers

  • I hope the weekend went well! It sounds like you were well prepared.

    I carry a kit with chips (for salt), barley sugars, a range of painkillers, headphones and water for car trips. I try to keep my eyes closed to reduce visual stimulation. I have found that I experience less payback (PEM) if the ride is the smoother. Vibration seems to play a part for me. If I can keep the journey to less than 2 hours, I suffer less payback too.

  • @JennyM Cheers! It's this coming weekend - cooler at least, which will help though any beach type plans are shot. Thankfully it's just a 2 hour drive but I'm hoping he doesn't spent the entire time recovering from the trip there (though he will have his own room, big bed and an ocean view if he has to, we're going fancy!)

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    @Jen_Em_Aus Crossing fingers and toes that he has a lovely time (and so do the rest of you!). Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  • @Jen_Em_Aus hoping you all have a wonderful weekend away with no payback for your son.

  • Thanks all! We had a brilliant weekend. Son took it very easy and paced cautiously, but went for a few short wanders (we were staying right on the beach). He was very mumbly by the time we got home last night, always a worry, but he’s ok today - just a little quiet but very happy and well pleased with himself for managing. It did a lot for his confidence so we’re thrilled.

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