Introducing the admin and moderator team!

  • Hello! We thought we'd do a bit of a 'who's who' of the people that you might see around the forum from the admin and moderation side.

    You might see this 'EmergeAdmin' account around a bit - it means that there is a staff member on hand but it's kind of a team admin effort on this one.

    A number of staff and volunteers have joined the forum. You can tell who is officially a member of staff at Emerge Australia because we all have _Em_Aus after our name. So, as well as Heidi you might also see Jen, Simone, Jess, Amy, Marie, Kate and some of the others on here. They may or may not be acting as moderators but most will have the ability to interact as moderators if they need to.

    We also have a number of fantastic volunteers who have stepped up to act as community moderators who aren't otherwise connected to Emerge Australia... and in addition to this we have some existing volunteers who might sometimes step in and help out. We also hope that the moderator team will grow over time so that the community is self-sustaining (although the forum will always be connected to Emerge Australia).

    In terms of the active moderators/admin, if you're concerned about something or have a question, please start a chat with one or more of:

    If you're concerned about a particular post, though, the best thing to do is to "flag" it by following the steps in this post - by flagging it, all of the admin/mod team should be given a notification, and whoever's available can take action as appropriate.

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