Introducing myself too

  • Hi, I live in Geelong, am in my 60's and have had ME/CFS for over 30 years. Used to live in North Carlton, if anyone from those days is still around from 20 years ago and used to attend support grp mtg's at various homes in Nth Carlton and a bit further west. My main interests are orientated towards the natural environment and I have a plot in a sort of community vege garden. I have a Jack Russell Terrier, 4 yo, and a housemate walks her several times a day, plus we all go out together once a day.

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    Welcome Helen 🙂

  • @Helen-Schofield hi Hele, I'm sorry to hear you have ad ME/CFS for so long 😞 I live in Qld and have had ME/CFS for 3 1/2 years. I enjoy caring for my two cavalier King Charles spaniels, and enjoy growing herbs and a bit of veg too.

  • Welcome Helen. I love my garden and my animals as well. My garden is way too ambitious for me so it regularly gets overgrown, but it's nice to be able to pick some herbs to have with dinner. It sounds like you have a great housemate.

  • Hi, Helen, Please to meet you.

  • Hey Helen, I too live in Geelong. Animals and plants are the best, garden gives you something to do on they days you can and when you can't you have a ball of love to curl up with you in bed.

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