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  • Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I’m I’m one of the volunteers at emerge.
    My role is quite small compared to the other amazing team members, and due to covid this year I haven’t been so active . I commenced as a volunteer telephone information officer with emerge in late 2017 but wasn’t actively on the phones until early 2018. Whilst Rebecca and Amy and Danielle do the bulk of the information and support work via the phone and internet, ny role has been to to follow up on calls where perhaps a little extra time and support may be useful for people affected by ME. i have a background in social work so telephone support work is “up my alley “ and I derive a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure out of speaking to so many different people affected in different ways by ME. I have a history of ME myself and therefore have an insight into how drastically it can affect people’s lives.
    I look forward to getting back into helping out at emerge sometime this year🙏

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    Hi Maria, and thanks for your volunteering with Emerge - sensational 🙂

  • @MariaMaria thanks so much for your message and the work you do!

  • Hi, Maria. Please to meet you

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