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  • The Emerge Australia Support and Service team have been working around the clock over the past few weeks. I can’t wait to share the new carers website with you all, coming very, very soon

    Many people don’t see themselves as carers, they see themselves as parents, partners, children, family or friends. Being a carer for someone living with ME/CFS is a fulfilling yet challenging experience. A diagnosis of ME/CFS can raise many questions, some of which do not have simple answers. There is often a lot of information to absorb, and advice available from many different sources, meaning at times it can be overwhelming.

    This webpage and the linked factsheets have been created to support you in your caring journey.

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    That sounds sensational @Lau_EA_Aus - I've known many people who've asked me over the years about how to best help/manage with someone with ME/CFS, and it sounds like that website will be a huge help to the people that look after us 🙂

  • This sounds amazing @Lau_EA_Aus!

  • @Daffy_Dave It is a wonderful website and there is still work underway to add additional recourses.
    @emsarah I hope you like it.

    Today we were pleased to launch a dedicated Carers page on our website, with a range of factsheets and links to tools to support carers throughout their caring journey. This work, and the recently launched extension of our Online Community Groups program which offers peer support groups for carers, is funded by the Victorian Government under their Supporting Carers Locally grant.

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