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    We have three sizes of cool mat from - I think - PetBarn. I tried to sneak the large one into bed one time when it was super warm on the basis that the dog still had the medium size. My partner made me give it back. (Seriously though - they're great)!

  • I have a pet rabbit that ordinarily lives outside in a shaded cage. If its going to be 35+ I put it in a travel cage in the laundry which is the coolest part of the house. If I have to be out for most of the day I put an esky freeze brick wrapped in a wet towel above the cage. The cold air will sink.

  • @Rochelle Zoe loves the pool too. And putting her feet in her water bowl ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    @Heidi_Em_Aus Those gel cooling mats are a serious part of my heat management strategy! In the summer months, I put one in the fridge for a few hours and lie on it (I have two, so I can rotate them and always have one in the fridge). Theyโ€™ve been amazing!

  • @Rochelle
    Ours too

  • Hi, vet nurse here, there have been some great advice already.

    • cover bird aviaries in wet towels and provide fresh branches and hose with water
    • no exercise even if they want to...border collies I'm talking to you
    • Moving pets indoors is vital, this includes rabbits and g'pigs. I never treated a heatstroke from a pet in a house. Most heat stroke I do see is actually on days between 25 and 30 because most ppl bring pets in doors above 30. If they are still panting indoors you can try the things below.
    • as others mentioned, cool mats are great (they work for humans too if your M.E causes thermoregulation issues)
    • ice block treats made with kibble in flavoured water (i use ketchup or vegemite)
    • wet towels to lay on but DO NOT place them over your pet, it traps heat in.
    • sitting in shallow pools
    • dampen the coat around the belly, legs and neck

    Good ventilation is important, most animals don't sweat, that's why they pant. If you have a bulldog or pug etc with a short face most of them really struggle on a good day let alone on a hot one. Talk to your vet about corrective airway surgery, it saves lives and they are much more relaxed from it.

    If you think your pet has overheated get it to a vet, don't think just because you cool it down it will be ok.

  • Some fantastic tips. I wish Iโ€™d seen this about a month ago. Roughly how much do the cooling mats cost?

  • @KC-Snowbunny we think we paid about $45 for the medium which is suitable for a smol, fat, slightly hostile schnauzer ๐Ÿ•

  • Thank you @EmergeAustralia ๐Ÿ‘

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    How did I go all these years without learning about cooling mats for me or the fur babies. Thanks everyone.

  • I got my cool mat at aldi when they had them, they are full of gel, I find they don't even need to be put in the fridge. if it gets warm i just move it to another spot on the floor and flip it over. Looks like bunnings have them for between $10-15,

  • The sprinkler and or a hose with a squirty gun on it and make sure that the water pots are kept full. The chooks and the budgies get a good cooling down with water. We also built the cages under trees for added shade in summer and wind protection in winter.

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