Help - overexertion

  • My dog decided to harass a small animal today. It took 10-15 minutes of me sprinting/ running/ jogging to catch up with him and get him to drop it.
    Lots of PEM. Trying to rest and stay warm, does anyone know of anything else to do?
    Sorry for bad grammar, not thinking well.

  • Oh no @Rainbow-Zebra,
    It is just the worst when something happens and you have to make yourself really ill because there is no choice.

    It has happened to me often enough that I do have a series of things to do. Mostly rest and stay warm, as you say.

    1. Reality check, it has happened, it will probably take a few weeks to recover.
    2. Optimism, keep it up, you never know, recovery just might be surprisingly quick. 🤞
    3. Do no harm: don't let the bad thinking and exhaustion lead me to do stupid things that just compound it. (Don't play that computer game for four hours @Dot )
    4. Say no to everything.
    5. Organise the necessities: drink water, eat small nutritious meals, brush teeth, take any medications.
    6. Get up and move around as little as possible, but when I have to move, be glad because my body needs it. Have a stretch.
    7. Keep noticing how I am feeling, I can learn so much from times like these. Plan.

    Hoping it is not too bad, best wishes

  • Thanks @Dot

    My dog tried to puncture an inhaler today so I had to do some more moving so it didn't explode in his face. 😞
    Now that he's been trapped in a puppy-proofed room I can follow your advice though, and thank you so much for it. Especially the computer game thing... I hyperfocus very easily...

  • Dog escaped the house today...
    Had to run after him without shoes. I clearly haven't recovered from my previous running because I was only able to do a few minutes. Two sprained ankles later and we put him back in "custody".
    Anyway it looks like I'm back at the start of recovering again.

  • @Rainbow-Zebra Oh No! That dog is not good for your health!
    Hooray for the puppy proof room.
    Good luck managing the day that helps you recover. Haha yes, timer on!

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