Symptom severity checklist

  • I've been given the symptom severity and severity hierarchy... Trying to rank symptoms is literally impossible.

  • So I've done it but no idea if it's really accurate, it doesn't really make sense

  • What checklist is this?

  • The emerge telehealth nurse emailed it to me, it's from the think GP website I think

  • @sapphire777 your welcome to check in with the Telehealth Nurse if you like😊
    Send an email to the Telehealth Nurse or the information officer and we can organise a follow up appointment 🌻

  • @sapphire777 I don't know the checklist either but there is probably no way it could be accurate, and it would change all the time. In fact you probably had a headache more severe by the time you got to the end of it!

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    In terms of the usefulness of checklists (noting that I haven't seen this one) - it's possible to do things like "what were your worst symptoms over the last two weeks" or similar - while ME/CFS is, indeed, annoyingly variable, it can be useful for some people (but bearing in mind nothing is useful for everyone - different people benefit from different approaches) to have something like a checklist to sit down and think about their symptoms. I usually 'muddle on' without paying the background pain too much attention, for example, but I find it useful to do a quick 'scan' every now and again to try and get a feel for whether anything's changed - the other symptoms tend to be a bit more 'in my face', but even then it can be useful thinking about them from a broader perspective from time-to-time (rather than the day-to-day "OK, how do I get this done, and avoid/minimise PEM at the same time, given this is how I'm going?")

    I very much appreciate this can be tricky though. How important is my baseline cognitive impairment relative to the fact that after X time my brain gives out relative to the broader energy issues? It's never easy to answer these kind of things.

    That being said, done multiple times over a period of time checklists may also potentially prove useful for measuring the impact of new treatment techniques. For example, doing a checklist a couple of times (at different times) as a baseline, and then a couple of times a few weeks after starting pacing, or LDN, or something else, might give some indication of the relative impact of the interventions on different symptoms.

  • So true @Daffy_Dave
    I guess we all have our own ways of assessing our symptoms, and it can be so useful to put them down on paper.
    I do like the ones that ask us to think what have been the worst symptoms in the last 6 months, or the last 2 weeks, or yesterday. And write out all the symptoms so we do actually catalogue the small ones and the ones we manage most easily (cold feet, glands up).

  • @sapphire777 Hi! I've just done that check list and have sent it to my GP for my telehealth appointment.

    I agree, it is hard ranking everything! I didn't put a number in every box, just those for my severe and moderate symptoms. If you have a few that are all on the same level perhaps you could give them the same number?

    I think it's just to help give the GP and idea of what's bothering you the most and therefore what issues they will look at first. Then if you did it again in 3 months say, they could easily see if they had made a difference to the symptom with what they suggested.

  • @emsarah - That is spot on, some people highlight or put a star next to the symptoms they want to talk about with their doctor as well. It's a way to plan for your doctors appointment and show your doctor that you have a large number of troubling symptoms but also where you want to focus your appointment time.

  • Thanks everyone, I've never had so much trouble with mental fog type stuff as I do now

  • @sapphire777 it's really hard, I sympathise. It took me a few days doing it bit by bit. It's frustrating when your brain just becomes mush when you need it to concentrate! Take care 🌻

  • @sapphire777 it’s can be really hard. Take your time and remember to Pace your energy when you can

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