Guidelines for medical advice / discussion

  • We have four general guidelines for discussing medical management of ME/CFS which you can find below. Please also remember that this part (and most of the rest) of the forum is open which means that everything you post is visible to anyone who happens to be looking at the forum.

    The four golden rules:

    • Please do not promote an 'anti-medical' point of view. While there are currently no evidence-based treatments, and we encourage members to share what works for them, please do not promote ideas which are inconsistent with known medical science

    • Please do not act upon medical advice given in this forum without first discussing it with your doctor

    • You may not use this forum to promote or advertise anything for financial gain, or post links to paid services, even if they are related to the topic being discussed

    • ME/CFS is a severe and chronic physical illness, quite different to simple chronic fatigue (i.e. the sort of tiredness associated with overwork / poor sleep / stress etc which can be overcome with a period of rest). The key to discovering its physiology and treatment lies with medical research and the medical profession. Please do not post articles or links to web pages that promote simple, every day remedies. They do not work and trivialize our illness

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