How to contact a moderator

  • This post is written by Emerge Australia admin. The best way to report something to a moderator is to flag the post (this is detailed in a separate post). If you need to have a conversation with a moderator you can navigate to 'groups' on the menu bar where you'll find a list of 'admins' and 'global moderators'. You can reach out to any or all of the moderators with questions.

    You can also click on the username for this post which will open the Emerge Australia admin profile. This will show you everything we have posted recently and it will also enable you to open a 'chat' channel (you can also do this with anyone in the forum). This is a good way to ask a question when you don't want it to be viewable in public.

    It may take a while for the admin or moderator to respond so please bear with us. There are a few moderators in the group and you can also open a chat with any of them individually or you can add a few to the chat and the first person to see it will respond.

  • Hi Admin, I sought in my post only what professional status is required to make a medical diagnostic confirmation . GP PHYSC etc...

  • Not a problem @Kalinda the response from us was just to remind other people to try not to name anyone.. but also that we have no problem with private discussions. 😊

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