Post Anaesthetic Recovery

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    Morning all, I hope the day has begun as gently as possible or there are at least some roses amongst the thorns in the coming days. I had to have twilight anaesthetic last week and it seems to have affected me a lot more than last time. I’ve been doing all the regular recovery management things but I’m wondering if anyone has any post anaesthetic strategies. Read a few articles but the main focus was on talking through some options and risk factors with the anaesthesiologist. Which wasn’t a possibility for me, twice now, I’ve been on the day procedure assembly line and asked by the anaesthesiologist “What is ME/CFS?” Right before they are about to put me under. (Unfortunately as others have said its not an uncommon response.)

    Might just be a case of being impatient to get to the other side of this but thought I might crowd source some pre or post strategies in case there is way to reduce the impact for anyone who has procedures or surgery coming up.

  • @gretch I’m convinced that my ME/CFS became “full blown” after major surgery. It may have been from the actual body trauma, but I’m leaning towards the anaesthetic, or perhaps a combo of both. Two years prior I developed the 1st mild symptoms of CFS but then after a few months I “recovered” and went back to normal activities. But then once I had the op, it was down hill from there. In the past 7 years Ive had 2 more surgeries plus 2 twilight surgeries 4 weeks apart, and from there it’s been a further spiral. I mentioned it to a GP (who had CFS understanding) and she said “yes the anaesthesia would do that.” I’ve also since read similar comments from specialists on YouTube. So I’m now very reluctant to have any future surgeries.

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    Thanks for sharing that @Glimmer so tough on the body to have surgeries so close to together even without M.E. and totally understand the reluctance. I need to do a bit more research but quite interested in the articles that talk about adjusting hydration/electrolyte levels before and after sedation for people with M.E. Feel like that might be at least an easier option to advocate for.

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