August Chat

  • A new month,
    Wouldn't it be nice if it is a particularly good one.
    Last month of winter, the silver wattle starts blooming around Melbourne.

    My internet provider is doing planned maintenance today so I might disappear at any time!

    Sending out so many good wishes and lots of medals to everyone because I know you have earned them. We have to live chronic ME/CFS lockdown, every now and then it seems our lockdown restrictions are lifting a bit, but we know they might come back tomorrow. Sometimes we just get used to our stage three restrictions, and bang we are in stage 4. But we keep on, trying to be safe, looking after ourselves as best we can.
    That's why we each deserve a medal.
    πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ– πŸŽ–

  • @Dot Is that why I’ve been feeling so weighed down all week. All those medals I’ve achieved!
    It’s a continuous waiting game; CFS and CoVid.
    Nice to know that Spring is getting closer. I often wonder if I perk up a bit in the warmer months, perhaps more emotionally which helps with the physical side of things. 🌝

  • Ha Glimmer, a huge jar on the bedside table to collect all the medals πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
    Then when we get our March of Appreciation they will have us in beds on huge flat tray trucks all decorated with our thousands of medals and all the crowds cheering with appreciation of how we survive each day of this nasty illness.

    I get two medals today as I am minding little Ms4 who has been struggling after the chaos of her family moving home. Luckily she is happy bouncing on the couch and watching ABC kids.

    Plus the sun is shining and we have been out to find a ripe strawberry and I even turned the compost.

    That's enough! Lunch, get her home and collapse on the couch. Day sorted.
    What is your day like?

  • @Dot I’m trying to visualise all of those big trucks. And the medal jar πŸ₯‡. I’m relieved I managed to go shopping this morning. It’s taken me a week doing rest and recovery to be able to get there, and then it’s now another repeat of that for the following days. I think I’ll have to start thinking online shopping. Enjoy your post granddaughter rest!

  • Community Moderator

    Hello Dot, Glimmer and everyone else πŸ™‚ Sorry to be so quiet of late - been a bit below par and still am, but wanted to say a quick hello at least. Currently post-Pfizer (not terrible - milder reaction than expected - but a bit wobbly in a way a bit like medium-length PEM - I'll be sure to post in the appropriate thread once it's run its course and I've got the full story πŸ™‚ ).

    Great work on looking after the little one Dot, and I hope the day after wasn't too rough, and on going shopping Glimmer - excellent work, and very much medal-worth πŸ₯‡

  • Good to hear from you @Daffy_Dave. Hope you’ve got those wobbles under control, and your post vac journey is gentle. Interested to see how you go.

  • Tuesday morning,

    I'm cactus 🌡

    Congratulations getting the shop done @Glimmer , but did you manage to get everything put away? Especially the frozen things. I do hope so.

    @Daffy_Dave So glad it wasn't a bad vacc reaction and hoping the wobbliness is less today. Infact I hope all wobbliness is completely gone.

    Well I really need to rest today but my dustmite reaction is letting me know I had better strip the bed and wash all the mattress and pillow protectors. Sigh. I will try and do it in incremental steps with rests in between, lots of drinks of water and plan for as little as possible the rest of the week.

    Hoping @artist55 is making all the kids sit still in class and draw up posters for understanding invisible illnesses.

    Sending best wishes to everyone for a good(ish?) day.

    Throw another medal into that huge glass jar!

  • @Dot Shopping put away but of course I forgot a few things. Grrrr.
    Stripping beds gives me the horrors. One sheet, pillow at a time. πŸ›
    Next door are laying down a concrete driveway. Lots of noise, graders etc. More grrrrr’s.

  • Hello everyone, it is Wednesday,
    And guess what, I did strip, wash and remake my bed yesterday.
    Talk about living my best life! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„

    Today will be limited to pottering around and trying to do plenty of those things on my everlasting list (take vitD tablets, back stretch, heat bag on eyes, sing a song ...)

    @Glimmer is all the shopping away now? Two medals if so! πŸ… πŸ…
    Hoping things are quieter on the building site today.

    Sending best wishes to everyone who has woken up and thought 'Oh #*%%@$ it is going to be a bad day'. I hope it turns out a bit better than expected. πŸ€


  • @Dot @Daffy_Dave @Glimmer A quick hello from me before my crazy day starts. I hope you are all well and recovering from the weight of all your medals and responsibilities! No invisible illness posters, @Dot but we are working on a poster for RU Ok day so that might count?

    I’m grateful that today is my β€œFriday” as the rolling PEM is taking its toll. 😴😴

  • @artist55 Well done for getting through to almost the end of your week. Hope your R & R is beneficial. An β€˜r u ok’ day poster is very appropriate.πŸ‘

  • Good morning everyone,

    @artist55 I bet they make some really precious RUOK posters and yes, they must count!
    I am so glad that Thursday is your Friday.

    I must design some medals that have little hummingbird wings on them so that the more we get, the more they lift us up. Wouldn't that be handy, to just waft out of bed and into the kitchen to fill up the water bottle?

    Sending good wishes to everyone. Let us know how your day is. Have a whinge if it is terrible, or let us cheer along with you if something good is happening.

  • I made it through another week πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Good news is that boss man has agreed to halve my hours next year and hold my position until 2023. 🀩 No petrol left in the tank so it’s off to bed. Good night everyone!

  • @artist55 That’s great news to end your week. You must be feeling very relieved. πŸ€—

  • Good morning,

    A short hello as I have been up for two hours and need a lie down. πŸ™„
    But just in case I don't get up again for a while, I will just say hello to everyone.

    @artist55 I hope you are happily lying down too. Hooray for adjusting work for next year. πŸ•Ά

    @Glimmer is the concrete driveway all done? Surely it is.

    Best wishes everyone.

    Miso the cat has settled on my knee so I will just find a nice haiku to share to give her a bit of time before I ruin everything by moving.

    (I don't know who wrote this)

    Patient little snail
    Slides across the morning dew
    In the zen garden

    Bye now

  • @Dot how is miso coping with the new cat?

  • @Dot Oh I like that little saying. I’ve been a snail for awhile, but I’m hoping that I’m emerging into a tortoise now, but better not speak too soon. No, the concreting still isn’t finished. They seem to take forever doing the grading, so the concrete hasn’t been poured, and now with lockdown back on, there may be a further delay. Definitely can’t sing about good vibrations at the moment. πŸ˜–

  • @Glimmer so sorry about the stressful noise and the lockdown too. We narrowly avoided lockdown this week, but remain ever watchful 😜 Wishing you some noise canceling headphones and a restful weekend!

  • @Dot I’m still in bed and will be taking it easy until later today when I’ll have to go out to buy a birthday gift. I loved your little snail poem !

  • Saturday,
    Ha yes, that haiku puts a nice spin on how slowly I am moving through the zen garden of life at the moment.

    @iris Miso the cat is managing to avoid the new white cat with the blue collar (who is lording it over the neighbourhood from one end of the street to the other) but I did see Miso drinking out of White Cat's bowl so that must be her way of holding her own, haha. 🐈 πŸ’¦

    @Glimmer Oh grr re the driveway. Might they take a break over the weekend? Or just get it over and done with for goodness sake!

    @artist55 Glad to hear you got a big lie in, and I hope you found a lovely present.

    Take it easy everyone, I hope there are lots of little pleasures to find through the day.
    Off for a pot of coffee to be my next little pleasure.

    Best wishes and all good things

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