Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DOCO

  • Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a documentary released in early July by French/German broadcast service ARTE Documentary TV. It follows individuals in Germany living with ME/CFS and shows how debilitating the illness can be, exemplifying how critical further funding for research into ME/CFS is.

    Advance notice:
    🔵 The film does have some bright flashes at the beginning, can be a little too loud at times, and requires reading subtitles as it is in German. We recommend turning the volume down from the beginning and pacing the viewing of the film if needed.
    🔵 This documentary can be confronting at times and it has mentions of suicide and discussions on mental health. If you are in need of mental health support contact Lifeline by calling 13 11 14, open 24 hours/7 days a week.
    Click here to watch it for free:

  • This was an excellent documentry. It certainly raised some awareness of research I didn't know was being done. I'm all excited now I've learnt of the existence of 'Mitochondria Interaction Networks!' (MIN) and their disruption seems implicit with ME/CFS (sorry, geeking out here).

    The intuition I'm taking from such a failure mechanism is like thinking of a city's roads being broken up. Even if the cars are full of fuel (e.g ATP), they can't go anywhere.

    The fact there's barely anything about them in Google shows how cutting edge such research is. There's some paper's about disrupted of MIN topology in Parkinson's disease but yet to find anything in relation to ME/CFS. Maybe the scientists in the doco haven't published yet

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