Daily Chat last half of July 21

  • Good morning.
    Cold and grey in my part of Melbourne. Cautiously optimistic about Victoria's covid numbers. Fingers crossed for NSW too.

    Thinking of you @artist55 traipsing off to the Art Room. Hoping you have a bean bag, a pillow and a thermos set up in that dark corner of the storeroom and a sign saying 'Back in an hour' to hang on the Art Room door. πŸ˜‰

    Sending good wishes to everyone. A medal for getting up and checking the forums. A medal even for checking them before you get up! πŸ˜„

    My word to describe my health today

    What is yours?

  • @Dot Hovering. My body is still deciding.

  • Hi everyone,
    I managed to get a few life admin tasks out the way but I've only just finished and I started at 9am. Its now about 4:30pm!! Slow as a snail today. That groggy feeling is just yuk @Dot ...hope it buggers off for you. I feel for you @artist55: hope your day hasn't been too exhausting. @Glimmer hovering: sounds very familiar... hope your hovering had an upswing and not a downslide! Enjoy your evening everyone...: nerd_face:

  • Good morning,
    Hmm even groggier today, with the groggy kind of dull pain, but ok.

    Ha @Glimmer I can relate to 'hovering'.

    πŸŽ– @crashdummy Isn't it extraordinary how much energy admin tasks take!

    I'm off to get my second vaccination and to buy some veggies (woot!). And then rest.

    Sending out good wishes to everyone. I hope you can find some precious moments in this day.

  • Hello groggy, hovering and adminy people @Dot @crashdummy @Glimmer from one very, very tired donkey. How I wish I had a storeroom to hide in, Dot but alas my art room is a demountable on the edge of the playground. Imagine how peaceful it is with balls being kicked against the walls in lieu of β€˜goals’ πŸ˜‚ I’ve pushed through the first 3 days of term and just wanted to check in with you all in the hopes that you have picked up a bit. πŸ’•

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