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  • My CFS has changed me a lot. 13 years in lockdown has a great affect on mental wellbeing. Then the road bumps, like maintain relationships, you look well, taking medication then trying to get help from hospitals when needed, having other chronic conditions develop, being knocked back for NDIS because I am only "sick" not disabled? Yeah its a struggle. But there is sunshine as well, I have become an art collector in spare time, developing better relationships, learning to laugh again. I spent 20 years in welfare work which I enjoyed. I said to a mate 'we are still here and have had a varied and interesting life'. Cheapaschips.

  • @cheapaschips Hello and welcome here!

    You have had a rough run, and how devastating to get that response from NDIS.
    What resilience you have shown. Do you collect paintings and/or other sorts of art?

    I worked (kind of) in welfare before CFS too. I was a teacher in remote Australia and then a women's refuge worker and then a few other community development jobs before I was too sick to do anything.
    Did you have that difficult mind shift from being the person who helped people, to becoming someone needing help? I found that SO hard.

    Cheers for today

  • @cheapaschips Hello, pleased to meet you. 🤓

  • Hi, cheapaschips, Pleased to meet you!

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    Welcome Cheapaschips, we hope you enjoy being part of the community 🙂

  • Welcome, @cheapaschips. I hope you find people here as welcoming as I have!

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