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  • Hi my name is Maryanne and I have been unwell with chronic fatigue and brain fog symptoms for 10 weeks now. Other symptoms include headaches, ibs, restless legs and an intermittent sore throat. If I carry out activities such as simple household chores, I go downhill rapidly and my symptoms become a lot worse. I am now pretty much housebound other than being driven to appointments. I have had many tests which have ruled out all other illnesses which is a relief in many respects but frustrating as well as I am left with no diagnosis, no treatment and no idea when I will start to feel better. I understand that I have not been suffering from these symptoms for very long but I have not felt any improvement. I have been feeling very stressed and anxious, particularly as I am unable to work in my role as an early childhood teacher....a job I love.

    As I was searching the web, looking for ways to help me manage my illness, I came across Emerge and read some of the messages people have posted. I found them very informative and also comforting to read, particularly as they have been written by people who have similar symptoms and therefore have a good understanding of how isolating and disheartening you can feel. I also thought I would pluck up the courage and energy to speak to the medical advice facility offered through Emerge with a hope that they will be able to provide some guidance as to the way forward as I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next to help my situation.

    Even though this message has taken me what feels like a very long time to type, it feels good to reach out. I look forward to reading more posts and send my best wishes to everyone.

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    Hi @Maryanne So glad you joined us and totally understand how much courage and energy it takes to reach out. You are not alone.

  • @Maryanne Hello and welcome to the “group”. Sorry to hear you’re not well. Joining the forum will give you some support, connection and understanding. Best wishes.

  • Hello @Maryanne pleased to meet you here on the forum. 🤓

  • Hi, Maryanne. Please to meet you!

  • Hi Maryanne, I was off being too crook for anything when you introduced yourself here. How are you going now?

    Did all those ME/CFSish symptoms begin 10 weeks ago? Dreadful. I do hope you find some support and comfort here, and some good help out in the medical world.

    I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that you can recover and return to work. Early childhood teaching takes lots of energy, but brings so much delight.

    I hope you can rest and do all the basic healthy things like eating good food and drinking lots of water, while you figure out how to get the help you need.

    The housekeeping can wait! (mostly) Just rest and be kind to yourself.
    Best wishes and all good things

  • Hi Maryanne,

    I’m so sorry you are having a hard time and I hope you find answers and some relief soon. People on Emerge have been so lovely and supportive. I’m sure you will be happy here.

  • Thank you so much for your replies. Receiving messages of support are such a huge help and makes me feel less isolated. I am in the process of changing doctors and hoping my new doctor will have more experience with chronic fatigue. What I really want is an action plan, something that can give me guidance to help me to stay within my energy envelope. It would also make me feel a bit more in control and that I am taking steps to help my recovery. Thank you again for making me feel so welcome 🤗

  • Thank you Dot for your very kind message. I am so sorry to hear you've had a bad spell and hope you are now managing to do a few more things that make you happy. I am still unwell but remind myself that things could be a lot worse. I just want a plan to help me navigate the way forward and to feel optimistic about the future.
    You take care. I send you lots of good wishes.

  • @Maryanne the teacher in me wants an action plan too 😂We like things to be orderly and with neat solutions! I tend to think of my me/cfs as being a bit like my little students- unpredictable, ever-changing, with a mind of its own!

    I haven’t quite got the hang of pacing yet as I’m new to the game too, but I did download the app on the Emerge site which might help when my foggy brain works out how to use it😂 I will follow this thread with interest. All the best in your search for a new doctor.

  • @artist55 your message made me smile! I loved your analogy of CFS and little children. Such a positive response. Thank you for cheering my day🤗.

    Ps. Just downloaded the pacing app. I'll let you know how I go. Thank you for recommending. All the best to you.

  • @Maryanne I’m happy to have made you smile 😊 Best of luck with the app. If you get the hang of it - let me know. I can’t get my brain around the weighting of activities (ironically as teachers weight grades all the time)😂

  • @artist55 I read @Maryanne had downloaded the Pacing App so I’ve done the same. And the same as you I got to the 1st “page” and can’t get through the fog of the different steps of activity. So I’ve put it aside for another time. ☺️ Hope you have a good week.

  • @Glimmer hahaha 😝 what a pair we make! I even looked for a video because I’m more in ‘monkey see, monkey do’ mode atm!

  • @Maryanne Good luck with the new doctor you find!

    I have been referred to an Exercise Physiologist who understands chronic illness, including ours. Her aim is to help with an action plan. It might be worth asking the doctor if there is someone like that near you.

    The pacing app might be just as good! It is ALL about pacing. 🙂
    (Think what you can do and halve it, think how long it will take and double it).

    Having a debilitating chronic illness is terribly hard, but there is optimism. You are suddenly within a whole hidden population of the the ill and disabled and there is a lot more reality here. Reality is our friend.

    Hoping today is an easy day. Best wishes.

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