Living with 'Brain Fog'

  • It's not easy describing brain fog and I suppose it manifests in different ways between individuals. It has a profound effect on my ability to function and yes there may be those blooper moments that can be seen in a funny light. We can share a laugh between each other as we share these moments. I've always tried to be light humoured; perhaps it is a coping mechanism but there are times when the fog is relentless. Friends and family laugh at the bloopers and I Iaugh with them but deep down, it affects me. It makes me feel silly and inadequate. Brain fog for me is an impairment and a huge disadvantage in my life. I can't control it... it is persistent. Are there ways out of the fog? I hoping I can learn how to deal with this aspect of ME. Does anyone feel the same?🌫

  • @crashdummy

    A few thoughts
    -keep things simple and write them down

    • noticing that other people make mistakes , they're just not aware of them

    • breathing exercises

  • @crashdummy

    And another thing is routine

  • My brain fog definitely gets worse as other ME/CFS symptoms get worse, so if I notice it is a bad brainfog day I look back to see if I have over exerted myself the day or two before.

    I also check that I am drinking enough water because I seem to get slightly dehydrated very easily and just feel so tired and brainfogged. I need to drink two glasses of water pretty much immediately and the a glass every time I go to the toilet, and phew, that makes me improve wonderfully.

    It is just not fair that when I am feeling most brainfogged I find it hardest to do the planning that helps me otherwise. It is so hard to write the shopping list (let alone bring it with me to the shops!).
    It is hard being social or in a crowded place because I can't shut out noise and keep track of more than one things happening as a time.
    And yes it is hard keeping my words straight. Our friends should give us a medal for managing to communicate at all, not laugh at our mistakes! Sheesh!

    I do think there is a way out. If I am living within my energy envelope, and I am hydrated nicely, and I remember to lie down regularly so I keep blood in my brain (scientific jargon happening here), I am capable of some good thinking and even some good conversation.

    Fingers crossed you find things you can do that really do help.

    PS Too often I have been at the shops, with the list, and still managed to not buy something important. Brainfog. Arrrrrgh.

  • Thanks @iris and @Dot .... knowing how others cope through this confirms that I am most likely doing all that I should in living with it ... I do believe that increasing water intake is crucial as dehydration can make it all worse. I suppose it all relies on the total management of the illness and how meticulous and careful one is in following what works for them. It is so hard trying to find what works ... trial and error.... I have never had the 'Brain Fog' aspect of the illness properly explained to me (medically speaking); it has always just been included in the conversation as a symptom but never fully explained. I am trying to manage the symptoms by applying new diet and nutritional intake; I did feel a slight shift ( a little clearer) but it faded away even though I am upkeeping the regime. Gosh it's hard to manage ME.... I suppose we can only do the best we can, when we can.

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