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  • Good morning,
    How are you today?
    I'm having a pretty good day so I have a (comparatively) clean kitchen Hooray! And a pot of soup on the stove.
    It is a cold, misty day (Melbourne) and Miso the cat is curled up on her sheepskin.
    After lunch I will curl up on the sofa and catch up on TV. Hoping for more cooking energy just before dinnertime.

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    Great work on the kitchen and the soup @Dot - I hope that you're curled up and resting now, and that you get enough spoons to do what you hope at dinnertime 🙂

    Quiet day here, I'm always a bit slower-moving on a Friday. Hope to make a soup this evening though - so must be the day for it. I hope everyone is muddling along as best as possible.

  • Hi @Dot I'm still in my pj's and it's 3pm. I've been bedbound most of the day. The house is quiet for now, but that will soon change. My cat Minty has been checking in on me every now and then. This morning I managed to make a smoothie. There's nothing like home-made soup though. May have to get some happening for the weekend.... enjoy

  • @crashdummy yes I was thinking about making Pumpkin soup, but that’s as far as it got. The thought of it made me tired…..

  • @Glimmer I know what you mean. I love pumpkin soup... it has to be thick and creamy with just a hint of ginger...topped with chives and cracked pepper... now I'm craving it.

  • @crashdummy mmmm yum. I need my own chef. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous prize.

  • @Glimmer That would be amazing... anyway, I'm going to use the nutri bullet to blitz some pumpkin, carrot, potato, onion, water with a hint of fresh ginger, to speed up the cooking time... it may take me until Sunday to get it done, but Pumpkin soup will be served that night! In the meantime 🍳 is on the menu.

  • @crashdummy Good on you! And something to look forward to. 🤗. Yes, a little bit at a time…

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    @crashdummy Reading your pumpkin soup description made my mouth water - sounds very tasty 🙂 As you say, one thing at a time, and slow and steady. I also like @Glimmer 's idea of our own chef 👨‍🍳

  • I didn't get enough sleep last night and ended up semi-napping for over an hour but I couldn't actually nap cause of loud construction works outside my window. Then I had to unexpectedly do more work than I had planned. So PEMd now 😩 looking forward to this long weekend

  • @river Nothing worse than not enough sleep on top of chronic fatigue... then ending up in PEM when the responsibilities of work cannot be set aside. You deserve a relaxing weekend... hope you get some refreshing sleep.

  • Hello again, lovely to read through the chatting.
    Ooh pumpkin soup! I think that will have to be my next soup too!

    Thanks @Daffy_Dave I did get enough spoons to make eggplant parmigiana for dinner. A yummy portion for me and 3 more portions stored in the freezer. Big win!

    I hope you got your soup too.

    Aren't we good at planning cooking in discrete steps, over a few days if necessary. (Presuming that is how you will get your soup on Sunday @crashdummy ).

    I was well enough to do my cooking steps one after another, but they were still distinct steps (1. grill eggplant slices. 2. Blend iingredients for sauce. 3. Cook sauce. 4. Layer eggplant and sauce. 5 top with crumbs and parmesan. 6. Bake), with as much resting inbetween as I needed.
    Only other step was to braise some greens to go with it.

    Ha @Glimmer, sometimes the only spoon we have is a teeny tiny tea spoon and just thinking about cooking is enough to use it up.

    I want a cook too! Infact I think I would like 3 staff.

    1. Cook/housekeeper
    2. Secretary/assistant
    3. Gardener/handy person
      They can be part time, I could share them with someone close by who is needing them also.

    @river Fingers crossed you got some better sleep last night. Oh dear, is the construction work ongoing? I hope you get an easy long weekend and can do all the good things that help you recover from PEM.

    I went veggie shopping, which is why I need some cooking days to get them used up while optimum. Ooh it is a tricky balance. Today is easy (one prepared meal, one with easy prep) but includes leafing through my recipe book to plan something tomorrow that uses a bunch of kale and the other things that won't last well.
    I love leafing through my recipe books so this is a pleasurable task.

    Hope any task you have to do is easy and pleasurable (that is not asking too much is it?) (oh damn, it probably is).

    Best wishes all.

    PS Still in my pyjamas 😉

  • I might be the only one up to chatting this long weekend, and I HAD A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY!
    BEST DAY IN AT LEAST 18 MONTHS. (that's what happens when you stop skipping 😉 )

    Ooh it is lovely and 🤞 I didn't overdo it.

    So how are you today?
    Did any soup get made?
    What is your hope for today?

    Mine is to get the veggie traybake cooked.

    Sending good wishes that you might get a better day too.

  • @Dot I love your cheerfulness Dot! Pleased to hear you had a good day yesterday. Yes I made my pumpkin soup and it was yum. I make it in the microwave so it’s not too taxing. But I’ve been under par for a few days, and much to my cat’s frustration, I had an aura migraine yesterday just as I was to get up to feed her. So she waited patiently until my sight returned- takes about half hour. Today there’s washing to hanging on the line then it’s bed and the IPad.

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    @Dot Sensational Dot - sounds like you're getting the pacing refined, may you have as many great days as possible 🙂 Sorry to hear you're having a rough one @Glimmer - hope that the washing isn't/wasn't too PEM-inducing, and the rest afterwards as recuperative as possible.

    Happy to report soup got made in Friday, and weekend been generally reasonable. I feel a bit underdone relative to usual, but I'm still able to do what needs doing, without too much corner-cutting and plenty of rest in-between.

  • Reply to all: Managed to get the soup on the table Sunday night. Had a lovely weekend with a family visit today. I took the advice of others and didn't wait on them like I usually try to do. Somehow it just worked out fine... Too many cooks spoil the broth, I don't think so.... Sounds like overall we all managed to eat healthy and rest up for the week ahead. ☺

  • Tuesday morning and chilly in my part of Melbourne.
    How is life for you today?

    @Glimmer, so glad you got to enjoy that soup. Microwave ovens can make things so easy! But awful to have a migraine effecting your sight so badly. What a good kitty cat to be so patient.
    I hope the washing got hung without making things worse and that you got your rest.

    @Daffy_Dave yes, I think I paced ok for Sunday, but I have been a bit quieter since.
    Hooray for Friday's soup and a generally reasonable weekend.
    What a good way of putting it: it is SUCH a boon to be able to do things without cutting corners.
    I am hoping I have that sort of day today.

    Hello to everyone reading. I hope you can make today fit your symptoms
    "Think what you can do and halve it
    Think how long it will take and double it."

    Best wishes all

  • Hi @Dot, Today started off slow but I am in good spirits after the weekend, so much so, that I was able to get out with my husband and take a drive to the bakery (100ks round trip but well worth it). Healthy eating was off the menu but sometimes it just has to be a pie... and of course a cake afterwards. I'm just about to rest for a few hours or however long it may take. For any overindulgence, there is always a price tp pay. Hope you find yourself in good spirits and enjoy a few more energy driven days this week. 🤓

  • Good morning.
    Well goodness me, it is cold and rainy in Melbourne again!

    I hope you had a lovely recuperation after your wonderful bakery feast @crashdummy. Hooray for just getting out for a bit with Mr Crashdummy.

    I'm having a busy morning as my fortnightly home help is coming to vacuum and mop etc. I just need to make sure they CAN vacuum and mop etc. Tiring.
    The big question: will she keep her mask up over her nose?

    How is your day everyone? Is anything happening at all?

  • @Dot I have a fortnightly home help too, and she was here yesterday. I couldn’t do without her. Just wish I can say the same thing about the numerous gardeners that I’ve tried. They don’t know the meaning of weeding! Gardening is one of the things I miss, and it’s also the biggest thing that’s sets off PEM. Even 5 mins. I’m resting up to be okay (hopefully) for my chiropractor appointment on Friday. My monthly adjustments are also something I couldn’t do without. He’s very gentle and doesn’t do the neck cracking. 😳

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