Hi from Tasmania,

  • My name is Ian 62 yo, who is looking for answers. I have been going from Dr to Dr for the past three years TRYING to find out what is causing my extreme tiredness, now finally getting a few answers. Most Drs just wrote it off as my Diabetic condition and PTSD but I know its more than that. Finally found a GP who at least is arranging for me to see various specialists to rule things out. I have had a lung function test which said my lungs werre fine, full cardiology with ultrasound of my heart, also fine Sleep study (mild Sleep apnoea) Still waiting to see a sleep physician but that could be months away. Any thoughts on what speciality to see next (apparently there is NO specialist ME/CFS Dr in Tasmania) Can my GP diagnose me? she seems reluctant. Driving me nuts trying to get answers. Any thoughts please?


  • @bakeryboy Hello and welcome here. How frustrating for you to have that long trek around health professionals... while you are feeling so crook.

    Even when I was diagnosed the specialist could only say that he had ruled out everything else and I fitted the definition for CFS. Decades later and they are not really any closer to being able to specifically diagnosing ME/CFS. (Unless someone posts about something I haven't heard of).

    My tip is to behave if you have CFS, ie get a good understanding of PACING and keeping within your 'energy window'. And otherwise keep doing everything you can for your general health.

    You have come to the right place for LOTS of sympathy and fellow feeling. Sometimes I think this is THE most frustrating illness to have. But it does help to be able to ask questions and hear the experience of others who are struggling/managing it.

    Sending best wishes and all good things.

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    Welcome @bakeryboy. So sorry you have to endure the health professional run around as @Dot says you will find a lot of people on the forum who understand how hard it is. If you haven't already looked into it the Emerge infoline and telehealth nurse service are available

  • @bakeryboy hello and welcome to the forum. If your final diagnosis is CFS, I’m afraid you’re pretty much on your own apart from getting support and information from avenues like Emerge. When I was diagnosed 18 years ago from a Neurologist all he suggested was “go on antidepressants”. I live 4 hours from the closest CFS specialist so that’s not an option, and as I’ve had little understanding from the medical field, I’ve had to do my own research. But one happy note is that there is hope as researchers work closer to getting answers. All the best.

  • @bakeryboy Hi, pleased to meet you on the forum. It's great you have joined this supportive community. Just being able to talk to someone can help immensely. Maybe it can help you map your way through the trying times you are currently going through and help with managing your illness. It has helped me. Put your feet up over the weekend and know that we are all just a click away.🙂

  • Hello, Ian, pleased to meet you!

  • @bakeryboy Pleased to meet you 😊 I am a newbie too and people have been very kind. I’m sorry you have also had a hard time finding a doctor who can diagnose you. I live in the Perth WA area and I’m having the same trouble. I hope you have some answers soon!

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