Dating Back In The 1950's In Australia

  • As a child of the 1960s I had learnt that a lot of single Australian women would meet available men from Europe. It seemed that organisations introduced single Australian women to new Australian men,in hope they would make ideal compatible couples. We knew several women locally who had met their husbands that way then they settled down into relationships and marrying just like other couples did.

    I have been trying to find out where it all started.Somehow Australian single women were invited to some venue where they could meet men who had recently moved to Australia.Well,that's one way to meet potential mates and it worked back then.Maybe it was arranged at a dance hall.Or even a migrants centre.

    I dont know who the organisations were who arranged these meet ups. You dont hear about those types of meetings these days.Mostly men going overseas to meet various women for marriage.

    If you could contribute to this post pleased do.

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