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  • I’m guilty of not checking in on Emerge for awhile so it’s only now that I’ve seen the forum. I do my daily checks with Cort Johnson on Healthrising and through him and his followers I’ve gained so much information. Pity a lot of it isn’t retained though! It does get overwhelming at times though. Wouldn’t it be good if a knowledgeable GP could take over the reins and guide me along.
    I’ve had ME/CFS for about 18 years after a virus in my ear. It started in a mild form so I was able to continue working although as time went on I had to cut back my hours until it was 5 hours a week, and then I knew it was time to retire. My health deteriorated after major surgery followed by minor surgery a few weeks later. Then in the past 8 years I’ve had breast cancer surgery and 30 rounds radiotherapy and 3 other surgeries. Throw in a few more stresses in life and here I am in the moderate category. In the past 2 years I’ve become very sensitive to a lot of foods and supplements which makes me think I may have MCAS so last week I started on a low histamine diet but I’m finding it a bit restrictive, and preparing meals for myself and my husband is hard enough. So I’m going to just cut back on the amount of the “bad” foods.
    I had my AZ jab 3 days ago after a bit of hesitation but so far so good, apart from the standard symptoms.
    I live in East Gippsland Victoria.

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    Hi @Glimmer welcome to the forum, glad you found us.

  • Thanks Gretch. It’s nice to be on board.

  • Hi @Glimmer , Pleased to meet you here on the forum🤓

  • Thank you! 😊

  • Lovely to see your post @Glimmer What a roller coaster your last 18 years have been.
    Well done getting through all those surgeries, and especially the breast cancer treatment. I think you deserve a few uneventful years!
    I've also had my AZ jab, three weeks ago, and all good apart from a headache and fever the night I got it.
    Looking forward to seeing your posts 🙂

  • Thanks Dot. Yes a few uneventful years would be good! The last 2 have been bushfires (evacuated twice) and now of course COVID.
    I’m off to do the shopping this morning, and yes I’ve rested for the last 2 days and now deciding if I’m able to go- yes but fingers crossed, and then it will 2-3 days of rest before the next appointment. I’ve had experiences where I’ve lost my vision (aura migraines) in the middle of a supermarket and managed to find my way back to the car 😳

  • Enjoy your day @Glimmer; hopefully without any major symptoms occurring. It puts a whole new meaning on 'shop till you drop'... buy yourself a cheeky treat... you deserve it...🌷

  • @Glimmer Yikes you deserve this: https://cdn.freeprintablecertificates.net/samples-free/Zombie_Award_Survive.png
    I can't even imagine that amount of ongoing stress on top of ME/CFS year after year.
    I hope you had a productive shopping trip, a nice trolley to lean on as you went around the aisles, and not even the tiniest peep of a migraine.
    And still enough energy when you get home to at least put the cold things in the fridge!

  • @crashdummy very appropriate “shop till you drop”. At least I waited until I got home!

  • @Dot I love the Zombie award! It’s great being connected to people who are on the same wavelength. eg. having a trolley to lean on, dealing with unpacking the groceries once home. Yes the cold things are put away, then the rest, well they can wait! It was a struggle yesterday, but I got it done! 🛌

  • @Glimmer great to meet you 👋

  • @Ember likewise. ☺️ How’s the day treating you?

  • @Glimmer Yay I am glad you loved the zombie award. Yes, we are often so different in the way our illness manifests but in some ways so similar. Hope you are having a nice recovery from that shopping.

  • @Glimmer today is not so bad thank you, slightly better than last week and it’s extreme dizziness :). And you?

  • @Ember Headache, rubber legs, fatigue. What joy. 😏

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