Tell your #MillionsMissing story

  • This year for the 2021 Awareness Week, people living with ME/CFS can use our simple and easy to use web page to create a custom image that can then be shared on social media.

    Using your own words, you can tell your #millionsmissing story about the impact ME/CFS has had on your life. When shared to social media, this custom image will help create visibility for the #millionsmissing around the world.

    There are 5 simple steps to create your custom image:

    1. Go to and click ‘Create your missing poster’
    2. Upload an image or select a silhouette
    3. Enter your first and last name, as well as your email address
    4. Enter the number of years you have been missing and what you have been missing out on (limited to 140 characters)
    5. Agree to the terms and conditions and hit ‘save’

    Your custom image will then be automatically created and you can download it and share on social media.

    To date, we have had 325 people create their own 'missing poster' - from Australia and around the world!
    Join with Emerge Australia this ME/CFS Awareness Week to ensure all people living with ME/CFS are seen and heard!

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