Microwave Ovens. What do you use your microwave for? Any good hacks?

  • My mum described it as a little metal box with a cold mug of coffee inside. Ha yes, even the beeps don't always alert me.

    But I am so grateful for my microwave!

  • @Dot I use the microwave to par cook. I recently got a recipe that requires using sweet potato instead of bread. I slice the sweet potato like a piece of bread, use the microwave cooking to soften it a little and then place it in the cafe press (sandwich press and cook further until it is browned and soft to eat. It can then be topped with hummus or any other spread and other tasty toppings. I like the microwave as it speeds up the process of cooking. I mainly use it for re-heating. 🤓

  • @crashdummy said in Microwave Ovens. What do you use your microwave for? Any good hacks?:

    I slice the sweet potato like a piece of bread

    That sounds delicious - I might have to try it!
    How long do you need to heat the potato for to soften it? I'm terrible at getting microwave times right

  • @river Hi @river . It is a delicious alternative to bread based meals or snacks. I run the peeled, sliced sweet potato under water and place it in a microwave proof bowl: I don't shake the water off, just straight in. I use a flat microwave dish, big enough to hold them without too much squashing. I place a small amount of water in the bottom, cover with microwave proof wrap leaving an air escape on the side and select cook, high, for about 1- 2 mins. It should look like it it starting to soften a little after the cooking. It should be able to be picked up, without falling apart, otherwise you have over cooked in this first step. Place the softened slices onto a cafe press, you may spray the slices with olive oil spray if you wish, but I keep it as is. Cook in the press for as long it takes to brown it all over and it is soft enough to eat to your tasting. The slices can be placed in the fridge for reheating later or you can plate them up, add whatever spread, dip, or topping you desire that creates a snack or meal. I top with the hummus as I am on a meal plan designed by my dietician. If I wasn't I would top with avocado, spring onion and tomato. Or , you could top with fetta, ricotta cheese, spinach leaves, kale; the choices are endless. My microwave was never really used for total meal cooking but it is fantastic to get these veges par cooked quickly and into the cafe press. I have used this method for eggplant as well. Enjoy!

  • Babaganoush via the microwave

    2 good sized eggplants, stem attached. Prick all over with a fork, put on a plate. Microwave on high 6 - 10 minutes until they are tender and the skin has turned purply-green-brown. Allow to cool, then the skin will peel away like orange peel.

    1-2 cloves garlic. Microwave them unpeeled for a minute until sweet smelling and unshrivelled. Cool and squeeze from skin.

    Add peeled eggplant and garlic to blender with
    2 dsp tahini
    juice of one lemon
    1/2 - 1 chili chopped finely
    1 tsp ground cumin
    And whizz together

    Add up to 1/2 cup olive oil and whizz again

    Pour/scrape into a dish and top with chopped parsley and ground pepper.

    (Adjust quantities to personal taste)

  • @Dot Sounds Babaganoushalicious ... Love these recipes ... and in all the microwave!!

  • @Dot whoops ...I meant to say ... and all in the microwave ... typo blooper

  • @crashdummy Haha I knew what you meant 😄 And babaganoushalicious is the best word!
    That recipe came from Geoff Slattery and I love how easy it is.

    Mind you, I mostly use my microwave for warming up heatbags!

  • Microwave Salted Almonds

    (Best easy thing to provide for guests nibbles if you are well enough for guests)

    Mix 200g raw almonds, 2 tsp salt and 2 tbsp water in a microwave safe container. Cook in 2 batches (1 batch needs more stopping and stirring)

    Cover with lid or cling film. Cook on high 2 mins. Stir. Another 1 minute on high until browning and popping. And extra minute or more if needed.

    Repeat with second batch.

    Allow to cool. Shake in sieve to remove excess salt. Yum!

    This works with other nuts too. I have done it with walnuts, peanuts, cashews. You can also add spices. Recipe comes from Frank Camorra (Mo Vida)'s mum.

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