Playing musical instruments

  • Hi Everyone 💕
    I just responded to a post from @Christine in her intro re: musical instruments. I no longer have the capacity for cello, guitar or African percussion which all used to be a big part of my life. The guitar may have been ok but I have frozen shoulder which makes it very awkward.

    I'm hoping to access NDIS support sooner rather than later which will give me more capacity to have a hobby again. I think ID like to find a gentle instrument I could play easily that is chromatic and would enable me to write my own tunes on it. I'm wondering what others might be able to play despite the fatigue and loss of strength of m e/cfs and also if anyone has any ideas for me ? Thanks everyone.

  • The loss of musical ability is one of the saddest aspects of this illness for me. I used to be a classically trained pianist, technically I still am but the sitting upright and using my muscles to play the piano, not to mention the cognitive exertion of learning new pieces, gives me PEM now. I still have all the muscle memory and physical ability to play, but the consequences prevent me from doing it often.

    I invested in a tiny 3 octave MIDI keyboard that I can play lying down in bed if needed, it's so lightweight I can even hold it in one hand. It's too small to play classical music on but I use it to make electronic music on my computer.

    I may be biased, but I think keyboard instruments are one of the better choices for us - having the option of all kinds of electric keyboards in different sizes, a full set of notes, and relatively little muscular effort required (as long as you're not trying to play anything too demanding). Also pianos are common instruments found in all kinds of institutions as well as people's homes so it's really useful to be able to play one.

  • @river Thanks. Sorry to hear that you have so much amazing musical ability inside you and cannot give it full flow as you would love, I'm sure. However we are adaptable creatures and it sounds like you have at least some way of having music in your life.

    I also appreciate the idea of a keyboard. It may be something I can look into. I have never played keyboard before but did play some African Marimba for quite some years which I loved. That would give me some idea of how it all works! 😁🙏

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