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    I gave this (Cimetidine) a crack from Jan 7 through to this Monday, as the doc thought it might be worth a go, based on a study that was done a whiles back (small sample size, and just one study, so it was always a long shot). I was taking losec/omeprazole for reflux-y issues anyway, so was also a chance to get me off a PPI.

    It improved my skin (less dry, and less odd blisters around the toes), vision at night, and seemed to result in deeper sleep, but wasn’t great on the gastro-intestinal side of things, and that underperformed consistently for quite some time. All-up, it was leading to a general deterioration in capacity over time. It may have had a mild immune benefit (hard to tell, marginal signs early on), but this was outweighed over time by the longer-term deterioration.

    It got the heave-ho this Monday, and I was improved almost immediately (some positive signs within the day, and the best looking products of my GI tract I’d had in weeks within 24 hours – woo!) - and this is only back on half the losec/omeprazole dose I had earlier (which may not be enough, but want to see if I can manage less, and I haven't had enough days on the lower dose to be sure, although it's leaning towards not being enough.

    Just popping it here in case it’s useful data for someone. As always, please note the sample (n=1 🙂 ) is tiny, and my co-morbidities may be different to other people’s so the impact could be different for different people.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! I have had some success using a H2 blocker for my chronic nausea, as well as H1 blockers. Results are inconsistent though. I keep a record of each time I take an antihistamine, the exact type of nausea I was trying to treat, whether it worked and how long it took to work. Nizatidine works often enough that it's my first choice of medication for certain symptoms, but it doesn't ALWAYS work and if I'm really unwell it takes a long time to kick in because my stomach stops absorbing meds altogether.

    It's interesting that cimetidine messed up your gut. I guess a certain amount of stomach acid is required to digest food properly and maybe you didn't have enough.

    Do you have a link to the study?

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    @river I'm afraid I don't have a link to the study. On the guts being messed up, I actually think it was the other way around (I was getting more heartburn and so on with Cimetidine than Omeprazole) - although my GI tract is a bit funny, so I think there's more going on than 'classic' reflux.

    Much sympathy that managing your chronic nausea is so tricky - but very impressed by the quality of your thinking 🙂

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