ME/CFS Awareness Week 2021

  • In May each year people living with ME/CFS, their families, carers and allies organise and attend events and activations around Australia and the world to raise awareness of the #MillionsMissing due to ME/CFS. ME/CFS Awareness Week and the #MillionsMissing campaign is all about the ME/CFS community being HEARD, SEEN and, most importantly, RECOGNISED.

    ME/CFS Awareness Week begins on Saturday 8 May and will run until Friday 14 May 2021. We hope that you will join us in this virtual event to raise awareness for ME/CFS and to connect with the community.
    The main online event can be found on Facebook here.

    We encourage you to take part in #MillionsMissing by creating your own missing poster using our easy online tool. Here’s how:

    1. Go to and upload an image of yourself (or select one of our anonymous avatars) on the poster creator.
    2. Fill out some information about yourself and what you're missing from.
    3. Once your personalised poster is complete, sign up for an email reminder and wait till Saturday 8 May. This is the day you can start posting!
    4. When it's time to post, select your preferred social media. For Twitter simply tweet using the link provided. For Facebook and Instagram, download the image and upload it to your preferred platform.
    5. In your post, use the tags #MillionsMissing, #EmergeAustralia and #MECFS. For the post text, please include "Here is my #MillionsMissing story. To make your own or see the gallery click here"

    We’re so excited to see the powerful impact of these posters and how they will allow YOUR STORIES to be seen and heard. We can’t wait to see them flooding social media!

    For more information on the event, you can visit our 2021 ME/CFS Awareness Week webpage.


  • Community Moderator

    I can still remember the impact the first campaign had on me when I saw the photos of shoes placed in prominent positions in cities around the world to represent the millions missing. I am so grateful to those who have organised and participated in these campaigns over the years. Even though the reason such activism is required is painful, asking others to bear witness has really helped me feel less alone and connected to the community in a different way.

  • @Sarah_Em_Aus I've just had a phone call from Mark butlers office saying mark intends to do a recording for the say me challenge.

    Very nice of them to ring

  • @iris That's so exciting I'm so glad 😁 I'll be keeping an eye out for it then!

  • @Sarah_Em_Aus

    Happy awareness day!

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