What did you do with your TPD payment?

  • I’m asking mainly out of curiosity. If mine goes through this year, I’d get my TPD at age thirty, into my superfund. I also have some savings. Obviously there are a million factors , and financial advise is crucial - but genuinely curious to know if anyone feels comfy sharing (noting some people are anonymous )

    Thanks !!

  • I didn't get a TPD payment as I had no super.

    I have been saving to buy a place in Queensland since about 2010.

    I use uSave account with Ubank (part of NAB) online.
    If you pay in $200 per month you get the bonus rate on top of the base rate which is a MASSIVE 1.1%!
    Not much, but the best deal I've found for savings.

  • Hi @Gigi-McQueen 🙂 Please know that this is definitely not advice, because I'm unqualified and have severe cognitive impairment, but...I used mine for a house deposit and relocated to a small country town. On the plus side, I no longer fear eviction and being unable to pay the rent, which was happening for me. On the negative side, moving to an isolated location has made it harder to access medical care because I can't be in a car long at all. Also, as soon as it came out of my superannuation the lump sum was taxable, so I needed to pay a financial adviser to do all that. Still, very happy in my home!

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