How do I follow posts please?

  • My apologies but I've never used social media before or something like this private forum. Can someone please tell me what I do to be able to follow someone and their posts? I can see that in my private forum of Experienced MEEPS some of the lovely people in my group follow me and I would love to do the same. Thanks very much!

  • Hi@ Tina, I spent a while bumbling around the forum trying to work it out, and I'm so social media illiterate, so there could be a much quicker way, but this is how I did it...
    Click on the little 'groups' icon at the top right hand side of this page. When it brings up the groups, click on Experienced Meeps and on the left hand side of the page is a list of the people in our group. If you click on each name, a large circle with a letter in the middle comes up with a small green cross. Click on the green cross. This is your 'follow' button. Hope my instructions are clear and not too confusing.

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    Hi @Tina,

    I think the "watching" button is the way - try setting a post you want to watch from "watching" to "not watching" and see what happens - see screenshot below


    How you get notified depends on what you've got set up in your Profile settings (select your profile - click or tap on your avatar, in this case the big T in the blue circle - and then select settings), as per:


    I hope that helps, but if it doesn't, please reply and will endeavour to do a better job 🙂

  • @SandyAtHome Hi Sandy, thanks so much for your help with this. Your instructions were really easy to follow. I wouldn't have been able to work that out so well done you figuring that out and helping me with it! Am I right that when I went to the group list there's only about 4 peoples' names listed for our MEEPS groups even though there are names missing? I clicked on the green cross for the 4 names I could see though I would like to follow the others too whose names don't seem to appear. I hope you're having one of your better days. Always lovely to see you and the other lovely women in our group.

  • @Daffy_Dave Hello, thank you for helping me with my question. I've followed your instructions as well as Sandy's. Sandy's instructions took me to my own MEEPS group and that's what I was hoping to follow. I'm not very tech savvy but I think by changing my setting to "watching" as per your instructions showed me 39 posts that I hadn't read or seen before. That's way too much for me - overwhelming both time wise and fatigue wise so I will have to figure out a way to get less info up and just learn to go to what I can manage best. Thanks for your help and time and the moderating that you do.

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    @Tina Sorry about that Tina, I'm still getting a feel for some of this here at the moment. It sounds like you might have got notifications for everything, rather than just the one's you set to watching. It also sounds like you're looked after, so the rest is as much for other people that read this, as for you - although it may help in the future if you're looking to keep an eye on threads outside the group.

    In terms of what happened, I suspect (and I'm sorry if this is the case - I completely forgot about it) that your default 'new topic' state is set to watching. If you change that in the settings to "Not Watching" (as per the pic below) that should hopefully sort it (if you do try this, and it doesn't, please let me know - it may be the case that topics started up until this settings is changed are set to 'watching', so it may only work for new topics).


  • @Daffy_Dave Thanks Dave I followed your instructions and changed settings to “not watching” and that’s far more manageable. Thanks very much for your help!

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    @Tina Very glad to hear it worked - sorry for the earlier confusion, and happy "watching" 🙂

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