Hi, I have been on a vegan diet for the last two months, and I have never had so much energy! I am better than I was before my cancer diagnosis!

  • Hi, I have been on a vegan diet for the last two months and I have never had so much energy!
    I feel better than before my cancer diagnosis! I also take low dose Naltrexone, LDN.

  • I Narelle, pleased to meet you?!

  • @donnamarie thanks SO much 🙂 I hope this can help others

  • It's great that you are feeling better! How long have you been on LDN and what dosage? There is a thread for LDN on the forum where you are welcome to share your experience with it. Also wondering if you are on any supplements to ensure you don't develop micronutrient deficiencies due to the vegan diet?

    As a general word of warning to anyone else reading this, you shouldn't make major dietary changes without consulting your doctor and/or a dietician, it can be harmful.

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    Welcome to the forum Narelle, and it's great to hear that your change of diet has helped you so much 🙂

    That said, as far as I'm aware, there's no evidence that dietary changes (outside of ensuring sensible nutrition) can reliably treat ME/CFS (although it can treat other allergies and food sensitivities, or issues like GERD, which are all well worth treating). I'm a vegan, have been for years (bar a teensy, tiny bit of egg in the gluten-free bread we eat, as gluten and me don't get along), and haven't noticed any significant change in my ME/CFS symptoms (and I'm very careful to ensure adequate levels of protein (including different types), calcium and so on.

    So while I definitely wouldn't discourage anyone from trying a vegan diet (noting, as River well says, it's important to be nutritionally aware - although with ME/CFS I think that's a good thing to be regardless of diet of choice, and it's not that hard to eat well and healthily as a vegan), I think it's important if other people try it, that their expectations are appropriately calibrated.

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