Medications and how to get them

  • For years now, people with ME have needed to source medications that are not always available to them. This goes beyond supplements. Some use overseas pharmacies and are able to import on prescription into NZ. Does anyone have an online pharmacy that they have found helpful? Thanks. 😊

  • What kinds of medications do you have in mind?
    There are many supplements that are only made in the US - one of my doctors referred me to iherb as a place to order them. I also get PEA from a compounding online pharmacy in QLD as it's the only place in Australia that sells it. But prescriptions, I'm not sure about.

  • I use online sources and haven't had difficulty as long as the provider ships to Australia. I used to get friends to get some things when they were overseas. I don't know how it's working these days with covid.

  • Not sure what medication you’re referring to?

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