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  • Hi there, I'm a newbee from Newcastle. Kinda sorta told by my general GP, have CFS! Apart from reading heaps and jumping on this forum, I have absolutely no idea where too next! Some years back was clinically diagnosed with hypo Mania bipolar, & PTSD, on top of GP diagnosed depression. Very used to the labels to enable some starting point with meds. I've had crappy sleep patterns for years, however about 2mths ago, booked into a clinic to get off alcohol and cigarettes, doing well.... But I've developed the brain haze, words don't come out right, forget my thought process before I finish speaking it. Left side glads come up and down, sore throat before crashing and sleeping for hours on end. Even fell asleep in a Managers meeting at 10am, after waking 2hour earlier. Lucky to get 4hours a day to be productive. I've read some of the posts and considering others, I feel a little weird stressing out about this when loads appear to be far worse than what I am finding myself at. Can anyone recommend any books written for lay people. I need to try and understand this hold on me. Someone suggested I have sleep studies done to get on the right meds, is that right.? So many questions. Happy Easter to all

  • Welcome to the forum. I hope you find this a supportive space 🙂 I don't know of any books I'm afraid.

    A sleep study is a good idea to rule out something like sleep apnea. However it's possible to have both CFS and sleep apnea and have them not be related. If you have symptoms other than fatigue (from your intro it sounds like you might have the "flu-like"/immune symptoms of CFS, the sore glands and throat) then don't let any doctor tell you otherwise. My experience is that most doctors hone in on the fatigue and ignore any other symptoms. It's important they are aware of the full picture.

    Do you experience worsening symptoms after exertion? This is the hallmark sign of CFS and distinguishes it from other causes of ongoing fatigue. If you have this it's very important to make doctors aware of it also.

  • @where2start
    Get yourself a copy of this. It's available as a downloadable pdf. It's the ME 'Bible'.

    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: International Consensus Primer for Medical Practitioners (2012). Encephalomyelitis International Consensus Primer-2012-11-24.pdf

  • @where2start also check out Ros Vallings and Sarah Myhill books. Both are doctors - one NZ and one UK based. I know that Ros’s book was just republished. Happy Easter! Thanks for joining the forum!

  • Hi, there, pleased to meet you!

  • @where2start Hello, pleased to meet you here on the forum.

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