Vax and US (that's 'us' not the states)

  • This is my second post. I don't know what happened to my first... I did fill in the survey, but I can't remember if I said this already- I am finding it hard to follow and navigate this forum.

    I post in another forum, that uses subject headings, then everyone posts what they think. It has members from Wales, England, USA and Canada.

    That is why I am writing today. The Australian experience with COVID cases is so much better than theirs. One member is still recovering from the virus months later, another lost two family members to it.

    We were discussing the various vaccines. I am certainly NOT an anti-vaxxer. But I am hesitant because I can't seem to find much research on the effect of different vaccines on ME/cfs sufferers. I can't see many like us being part of trials, and the research available seems to be changing daily.

    I am chemical sensitive and have an over active immune system. I generally take half the dose of any medication, if advised it safe to do so. After years of 'putting off' having a flu shot, I allowed myself to be talked into having one in 2019. Can I also add, I hadn't caught flu for years prior. That year, a couple of weeks later, yep, I got the flu. It took me three months to get over it. Usually, I avoid crowds and public transport during the flu season. Maybe, I was less careful because I thought I was protected...? Maybe, it was a weird flu strain. Maybe. Maybe. Too many maybes.

    I have decided to wait until October to get a vaccine. I understand I may be administered Pfizer or AstraZeneca at this stage. I also understand I have no choice as to which one. AZ is not approved in the states and there has been some question about blood clots in some countries. I have read that it is fine for use in Australia. But I also remember being told masks weren't necessary and the virus wasn't air born ...

    I took part in an on line forum, in the early days, with senior Health Department Officials, through the State Library of Victoria. I asked how they choose which science to follow re: masks/no masks. The question was deflected and not answered. I also asked about strains because at the time I was hoping for 'elimination' not 'suppression'. I was told that 'according to her gut' there was little to worry about re: strains.

    I was an early mask user. I still wear one in most places and I avoid crowds and carry hand sanitizer. I will not be getting on a plane any time soon.

    I am not anti-science either. But I come from a place where it took four years to get diagnosed with ME/cfs. First, it was 'all in my head'. Take Prozac. I didn't. Then Graded Exercise Therapy and CBT... it never felt right and didn't help. In short I am suspicious and cautious.

    My feelings and thoughts about this issue are just that 'mine'.

    I would be grateful for the insights and experience of others.

    What a big rave.

    Have the best day possible everyone.


  • Hello Dianne, thanks for sharing your story. I started a Covid Vaccine post a few days ago; it might be worth copying and pasting your post here to that thread so it is all in the one place. It can be found by starting at 'home' then follow the two steps below.
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    Are you able to share the details of the other forum you are on, I'd love to be linked in with an international community as well, it sound interesting.


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    This is definitely a big issue (possibly the big issue for MEEPs this year). And it's not necessarily a straightforward one either. Where we in a place with a higher caseload, it would be a simpler question (there are risks to vaccines, but they pale in comparison to the risk from COVID-19).

    The best source of information I've found so far are these two blog articles from Health Rising (a generally very good source for things ME/CFS) and they're both worth a read. A concerning piece of information in the second one is that only about 40 per cent of people who had contracted COVID-19 had returned to baseline (ie, about 60 per cent were still worse, some considerably so) three months after becoming unwell.

    Personally, as I tend to only feel rougher for a couple of weeks after the flu vaccine each year (and not as bad as a full-blown flu, adjusting for ME/CFS (I have no doubt that I'm worse than full-blown flu as experienced by many healthy people)) I'll get the vaccine relatively early in the piece, as my immune system is definitely wonky, so the risk-weighted analysis points towards the vaccine being the better option - I'm just grateful that we're in such a good spot in Australia that we're not under the same kind of pressure as in most places overseas.

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