COVID research with relevance to CFS

  • I thought I would start a thread to share links to research that either deals with the intersection of COVID and CFS directly (e. g. any research into "long covid" similarities to CFS) or that deals with these aspects without naming them as such.

    My first share is very technical I'm afraid, but might be of interest to the more scientifically minded among us - I recommend just reading the abstract and conclusion and skimming the super sciencey stuff:
    "The following review considers COVID-19-associated vasculitis and vasculopathy as a defining feature of a virus-induced systemic disease with acute, subacute and potential chronic health implications"

    I stumbled across the condition of vasculitis today (which I had never heard of before) and my brain made a connection. Something rang a bell - things I've read about autoimmune-induced blood vessel dysfunction in both COVID and CFS...
    So I googled "COVID vasculitis" and came up with this paper. Though they don't actually use the phrase "long covid", you have to wonder what they mean by "potential chronic health implications". It might not be relevant to us at all but I thought it was interesting.

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