Infrared saunas

  • I know of someone who recovered from CFS after being housebound/bed bound for a couple of years. They believe infrared saunas might have helped. Has anyone here had any experiences they could share? I haven't tried them yet myself, been meaning to for a while, but I tend to burn up when I'm at my worst, so I'm not sure they will be great. I've tried normal saunas but they leave me feeling drained.

  • @hayden I bought an infrared sau

    • I bought one a year ago and think it has helped me. I did not buy the most expensive brand. I started out for short burst and lower temps. I use it intermittently and use on days when I am feeling up to it. I had a noticeable improvement in my hand and muscle pain. Think it has helped with immune issues as well.

  • @Lisa Hi Lisa, that's interesting to hear. I still haven't had a chance to try one. Do you heat up and sweat a lot like a normal sauna?

  • I think anything that heats you up is a no-no if you meet POTS criteria. I can't even handle the bathroom steaming up when I shower, I have to leave all the doors open or I feel like I'm going to suffocate.

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