A low-intensity thread for generally chatting

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    In another thread, someone mentioned that posting a new post in these threads can feel a bit intimidating. This thread is not to suggest that it should, but more an experiment to see if we had a thread for "general chat" that it created a space where less weighty discussions could be had. Try it out, and see how you go 🙂

    I'll start off with my blooper for the week. I've been a bit rougher than usual, and while I have a fairly robust routine to make sure the important stuff happen, this week I managed to put the online shopping order in, but completely forgot to check it out. It was scheduled for delivery on Friday, and when I hadn't had the usual "your order is coming at time X" text by mid-morning or so, I went to check my emails, saw I had no confirmation, went back to the store, and saw the cart there, full of everything and waiting for me to finish the job! Fortunately, my routines also involve keeping decent stocks of things, so zero hassle, but a good sign I needed to rest up this weekend more than most!

    What's a little story from your day/week?

  • @Daffy_Dave I have done the same thing.....twice 😁

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    @Looch You'll get no criticism and plenty of understanding from me 🙂

  • I just sent an email to someone thinking it's Tuesday and they'll be at work...but it's Monday and a public holiday today. Oops! I never know what day it is. Even when I check what day it is, I've forgotten 15mins later and have to check again.

  • Daffy_Dave Oh no, you need a "power of attorney - shopping"

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