Eventising the small things

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    People around the world are doing a wonderful job of flooding the internet with ways to stay sane while in lockdown and adjust to their new normal with zoom party and boredom buster ideas. But some of us lost the normality of a life perpetually in motion a long time ago and have decades of experience at making an event out of the small things and living within the confines of our house as well as our illness.
    My main go-to for making a low output event out of something others might consider ordinary or mundane is to make a big deal of a new tv show I’ve been looking forward to watching or even a favourite returning show. All devices must be on silent, all curtains drawn, food delivery ordered, budget allowing, or popcorn when it’s not. It may not be a movie premiere in Gold Class but it’s my housebound version of it.
    Anyone else got any ME/CFS friendly eventising suggestions?

  • I am so looking forward to this weekend because it's a long weekend where I live. My housemate told me today she's going away and I'm so excited! She started working from home a year ago and I went from being alone for all but a handful of hours each week, to having someone in my space all the time. And while she's great and a big help to me, I have been craving solitude.

    I'm already full of plans. I have a support worker coming on Friday and I'll send her to the shops for a couple of treats for myself. I will definitely be getting food delivered a couple of night too. I'm going to keep the house closed up (I'm craving dark and quiet), I'll watch a couple of TV series that I've been saving for the right time, movies at night, I'll light candles and generally bask in total and complete solitude for a few days. Total and utter bliss.

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    @Coggles77 so nice to know someone else gets the bliss of a well planned hermit weekend. Enjoy!

  • I can so relate to that! I can go out to the supermarket every few days with my current activity levels. My parents take me and I have turned it into an event. I so enjoyed reading your experience and finding it similar to me, thanks

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