A thread for being grateful for things :)

  • I'm so grateful for a sunny Autumn morning. I have been sitting in the sun with a cup of chai and a good book.

  • @Daffy_Dave Thanks for starting this thread.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    I was grateful to make it out to my lounger chair to lay in the sun for a few minutes with a coffee.

    I enjoyed every minute 😊

  • I was thinking about how grateful I am for my fridge (a new one with a bigger freezer) and that it is well stacked so I only need to do a small shop this week.
    But that gratefulness has been overtaken by how glad I am that I had just enough milk and coffee left to make a proper pot this morning. Whew!
    AND that I am still so grateful that, after years of worrying that coffee was bad for my ME/CFS I worked out that it wasn't. Woot!
    Lots of gratefulness this morning.

  • @Daffy_Dave love this idea! Having the internet is definitely a massive help, couldn’t imagine how much more isolating and difficult it would be without it.

    I am grateful for supportive parents, especially my mum who is wonderful and who I would be lost without. Being so sensitive to noise also makes me very thankful for having decent headphones ☺

  • @river wow, that’s wonderful 😊

  • @Dot Agree, and I haven’t given up coffee even though I’m told it is bad for me ☕

  • @Looch Ha, I only believe the research that shows the benefits of drinking coffee 😉
    I love it so much! (About to make a pot)

  • @Dot I love my fridge too. I would love more freezer space! lucky you!

  • Thanks @coco It is a lot bigger than my last freezer space (three drawers!). They can fill up quickly but that is my trigger to eat the freezer out before I forget what everything is 😄 😄 😄

  • What a lovely idea for a thread😊 Today I am grateful for paid sick days. After yet another night of very little sleep I just couldn’t face a day of 150+ children so I took the time to rest and recover without stressing too much about the bills.

  • I'm so glad you could have that paid sick day @artist55. Thinking of you this morning, and hoping you can take another one if needed.

    Today I am grateful for the no knead bread recipe. It means I can make my own bread. It takes more time, much less effort. I made a loaf yesterday and had toast with kimchi and avocado for breakfast.

    Ooh yes, also grateful that avocados are so cheap at the moment. 🙂

  • @Dot Avo on toast is yum! Enjoy 😊

  • Avo on toast is yum @artist55 I had another piece this morning ❤
    Today I am thinking how I had many years when I was too ill to walk around the block, and these days I can do it a couple of times a week (and sometimes a longer walk 🙂 ). I am so so grateful that I can manage more now.
    I'm sending good wishes to those whose illness is more severe and hoping your day will come too.

  • @Dot I also make (or used to) my own bread using the no knead recipe. Much healthier and I can monitor how much sugar I am eating. I haven’t been able to make it for awhile but I’ll be very grateful when I can again.

  • @Glimmer Ooh I hope you are well enough to make no knead bread again soon. Best bread! I wish I could push a loaf through the monitor to you.

    Grateful today for the winter sun again, I've just been sitting in it. Vitamin D and lovely gentle warmth.

  • @Dot Can’t beat Vit D. A recent test showed I was deficient so I’ve been trying to do something about that. Unfortunately I can’t take any supplements and tried it a few days ago in a topical cream. Have had a headache since. So I’ll be grateful when the sun stays out long enough here and I feel well enough to go out there! ☀

  • So grateful for pre-washed salad in bags ... some call it convenience, I call it a necessity when the energy just isn't there. 😌

  • Grateful again for this forums off and away from social media platforms. Thank you Emerge!! And thank you to all contributors.

    In other news, I am really thankful for the ~$7ish 'Pull Chopper' I bought from kmart recently. Cuts my work in about 4 and I've ben able to up my veggies intake (in the form of salads mostly) with less hassle, work, spoons and clean up. Thanks kmart!

  • @crashdummy
    Grateful for a picnic dinner outside on a warm night 🧺🌻☀

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