A thread for being grateful for things :)

  • I'm really grateful for these forums. It's refreshing to be able to speak openly and on an independent platform. Thank you Emerge and mod/s.

  • I'm so grateful for a sunny Autumn morning. I have been sitting in the sun with a cup of chai and a good book.

  • @Daffy_Dave Thanks for starting this thread.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    I was grateful to make it out to my lounger chair to lay in the sun for a few minutes with a coffee.

    I enjoyed every minute 😊

  • I was thinking about how grateful I am for my fridge (a new one with a bigger freezer) and that it is well stacked so I only need to do a small shop this week.
    But that gratefulness has been overtaken by how glad I am that I had just enough milk and coffee left to make a proper pot this morning. Whew!
    AND that I am still so grateful that, after years of worrying that coffee was bad for my ME/CFS I worked out that it wasn't. Woot!
    Lots of gratefulness this morning.

  • @Daffy_Dave love this idea! Having the internet is definitely a massive help, couldn’t imagine how much more isolating and difficult it would be without it.

    I am grateful for supportive parents, especially my mum who is wonderful and who I would be lost without. Being so sensitive to noise also makes me very thankful for having decent headphones ☺

  • @river wow, that’s wonderful 😊

  • @Dot Agree, and I haven’t given up coffee even though I’m told it is bad for me ☕

  • @Looch Ha, I only believe the research that shows the benefits of drinking coffee 😉
    I love it so much! (About to make a pot)

  • @Dot I love my fridge too. I would love more freezer space! lucky you!

  • Thanks @coco It is a lot bigger than my last freezer space (three drawers!). They can fill up quickly but that is my trigger to eat the freezer out before I forget what everything is 😄 😄 😄

  • What a lovely idea for a thread😊 Today I am grateful for paid sick days. After yet another night of very little sleep I just couldn’t face a day of 150+ children so I took the time to rest and recover without stressing too much about the bills.

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