A thread for being grateful for things :)

  • @river said in A thread for being grateful for things 🙂:

    Thank you for creating these threads @Daffy_Dave - great idea. I totally agree about the Internet and technology - I'm so grateful for all the opportunities for connection and support that it makes accessible to me, and many others with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

    Today my "positivity" share is the growing realisation that the new supplements I'm taking are making a much more significant difference to my functioning than I ever would have thought possible. I almost don't feel like the same person as I did a few weeks ago - it's wild. It's also bittersweet because there is still so much uncertainty and it's making my imposter syndrome real bad - but at the same time, it's validation and in some ways proof that I have real mitochondrial damage and that compensating for that might actually give my body a chance at healing. I'm in uncharted waters... But land is in sight 😌

    Great news that you are noticing an improvement!👏 I am excited and hoping that you will continue to see improvements..... and eventually reach the land! ☺

  • I'm really grateful for these forums. It's refreshing to be able to speak openly and on an independent platform. Thank you Emerge and mod/s.

  • I'm so grateful for a sunny Autumn morning. I have been sitting in the sun with a cup of chai and a good book.

  • @Daffy_Dave Thanks for starting this thread.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    I was grateful to make it out to my lounger chair to lay in the sun for a few minutes with a coffee.

    I enjoyed every minute 😊

  • I was thinking about how grateful I am for my fridge (a new one with a bigger freezer) and that it is well stacked so I only need to do a small shop this week.
    But that gratefulness has been overtaken by how glad I am that I had just enough milk and coffee left to make a proper pot this morning. Whew!
    AND that I am still so grateful that, after years of worrying that coffee was bad for my ME/CFS I worked out that it wasn't. Woot!
    Lots of gratefulness this morning.

  • @Daffy_Dave love this idea! Having the internet is definitely a massive help, couldn’t imagine how much more isolating and difficult it would be without it.

    I am grateful for supportive parents, especially my mum who is wonderful and who I would be lost without. Being so sensitive to noise also makes me very thankful for having decent headphones ☺

  • @river wow, that’s wonderful 😊

  • @Dot Agree, and I haven’t given up coffee even though I’m told it is bad for me ☕

  • @Looch Ha, I only believe the research that shows the benefits of drinking coffee 😉
    I love it so much! (About to make a pot)

  • @Dot I love my fridge too. I would love more freezer space! lucky you!

  • Thanks @coco It is a lot bigger than my last freezer space (three drawers!). They can fill up quickly but that is my trigger to eat the freezer out before I forget what everything is 😄 😄 😄

  • What a lovely idea for a thread😊 Today I am grateful for paid sick days. After yet another night of very little sleep I just couldn’t face a day of 150+ children so I took the time to rest and recover without stressing too much about the bills.

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