A thread for having a good 'ole vent :)

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    Having ME/CFS can be all sorts of challenging - both the illness itself, and the prejudice people with the illness get from many in the medical profession and others, and it can sometimes be good to have a good 'ole vent - this thread is for that (everyone's very welcome to create specific threads for things as well, but I thought it might be nice to have a place to get things off our chest).

    Please keep in mind it's a public forum - so don't identify anyone (either directly, or by describing them in such a way as it's clear who they area), or make attacks on particular groups. It can be for letting off steam about that social occasion that you were too unwell too attend, or reacting to a food you enjoy, or anything really that's consistent with the forum guidelines 🙂

    I'll kick off by saying I used to really like good bread - fluffy, but still crisp, and super-tasty. Soooo nice - while gluten-free bread has come a long way in the last 20 years (and it has come such a long way!), it's still nowhere near the real thing. And ever since ME/CFS, gluten and me don't agree, so while I can still appreciate the smell of a good loaf of bread 🍞, I can't eat the stuff, grrrrr....

  • @Daffy_Dave fellow bread enthusiast here. It's no fun when your comfort food turns on you.

  • I am really over being sick at the moment. I want a holiday from my life! Just a week away, without symptoms, where I could do a few normal things and not worry about the physical fall out. Is that really too much to ask?!

    And I miss soft, white fluffy bread too. And doughnuts...and all the really good, but bad foods.

  • I barely slept last night, no particular reason, nervous system just wasn't cooperating. Feel horrible today, all the symptoms flaring. I've been doing better overall but there's nothing like a night of sleep disruption to set me back. Bleh!

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