A thread for having a good 'ole vent :)

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    @Tess Much sympathy and empathy Tess - take care, and well vented 🙂

  • @Daffy_Dave said in A thread for having a good 'ole vent 🙂:

    @Tess Much sympathy and empathy Tess - take care, and well vented 🙂

    Thank you and you too 😀

  • @Tess Hey Tess, was wondering where you've been. Totally understand the bad run you are having on top of the usual bad ... hope you feel better soon and are able to get your head around things. Your desire and compassion towards helping others, has always shone through, throughout this forum. I thankfully appreciate your presence and when one of us becomes absent for a few days or longer, I assume that the worst has kicked in. Glad you vented this in your post. Happy thoughts to you 🤓

  • Today's vent: suddenly struck down by really bad PEM after quite a long run of doing relatively well. It was cognitive/social exertion that got me in the end. Struggling with the horrible combination of boredom and knowing anything I try to do for entertainment will make me worse and delay my recovery. Bleh.

  • @river sorry you are back into the dreaded PEM. It’s hard to find that balance between boredom and just being able to do something. I find windowswap a great distraction without being too taxing. It can sometimes be quite soothing and helps me get to sleep. Also citywalks is also good. I was walking along a pier in Naples yesterday listening to the surf. I could almost pretend I was there. 🤗. Both on line if I’ve confused you.

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    Much sympathy @river , always frustrating. I very much hope you can rest through it relatively quickly, but understand it's not something that can be rushed. Vent very appropriate!

  • Four weeks ago after yet another clear batch of tests my doctor said it was time for him to refer me to another physician. He said he would be in touch but I haven’t heard from him since.

    Today was a bad day health-wise but I had to go to work so hubby phoned the doctor’s rooms to see if there was any news on the referral and managed to get a referral number but when I called them during my recess break they told me that my referral had been cancelled because the doctor didn’t include my test results.

    So instead of being 4 weeks closer to an answer we are back at square one. I’m pretty disappointed. Just wondering if anyone else has had something similar happen to them? Is this normal? What should I do next? Any advice would be welcome!

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    I'm very sorry to hear that @artist55 - that sounds like pretty poor form by someone. Maybe it's worth contacting your doctor and letting them know what happened, and if they can forward the test results as well? I think it's well worth venting about though!

  • @Daffy_Dave Thank you. I followed your advice and the doctor said he would redo the application but it could be a 3 month wait before I get an appointment. Luckily I’ve had practise waiting patiently 😂

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    There's nothing like ME/CFS for learning patience, eh @artist55 ? I'm glad they were able to get you another appointment, but I'm sorry it's so far off!

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    Kind of a small issue given the scale of possible issues to deal with but I needed to vent to an understanding audience about an ad I got for a personal growth app while scrolling through twitter. The tag line for the ad is “Stop being lazy challenge” above a picture of someone lying in bed. 😮 Obviously changed my settings so I don’t see it again but so much mental gymnastics and reconditioning goes into accepting a mostly horizontal life that something as simple as an ad can really hit you where it hurts. On the plus side, my vast advertising knowledge gained from watching the 'Gruen' tv show tells me this style of advertising is unlikely to be successful. ☺

  • @gretch Aaaagh! 😵 As if we haven't got enough real life saying stupid, offensive things.
    Hooray for changing the settings (and for 'Gruen').

  • @gretch I’m so sorry you were upset by hurtful tag lines. It’s plain ignorance on the part of the advertiser. They clearly put their desire for profits ahead of compassion 😔

    Here are some virtual flowers from someone who understands💐 🌼🌻🌷🌺

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    Oops! I just realised I was so busy appreciating my flowers I didn't actually say thank you @artist55. My brain was probably in one teeny tiny thought at a time mode. ☺

  • @gretch no worries! I had forgotten that I sent them 😂😂😂 I hope you are feeling better today 🥰

  • 🤕😞 Well it hasn't been a great start to the day and im here to have a good ol’ vent.

    There’s this event on once a month that im interested in and it is happening now but i cant go.

    I have been trying to ‘prepare’ for the last few weeks (its the morning start that is probably the toughest but not the only thing about it) but unfortunately it just hadn’t worked out for me.

    I feel sad 😞

    I really wanted to go
    Its on once a month and i wasnt up to going for the last like 6 months and before thati had only made it to one and was one hour late.

    I feel sad and upset

    Dont like to feel sorry for myself but its just not fair!! 😥😭😢

  • @coco No it’s not fair when that happens and I hope the good ole vent has helped. Very disappointing for you. Let’s hope there is next month…. 💐🌼🌹

  • @Glimmer thank you x

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    @coco So sorry you weren’t able to go. Wish there was something I could say to make the disappointment and sadness a little less. Even as experts in missing out after making so many sacrifices to prepare for an event it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Hope it helps to know you’re not alone.💐

  • Hi @coco, so sorry to hear that you had to miss out. It really sucks and is so unfair. I'm glad you have a place here to vent and feel sad. You aren't alone, we are here. Here's some sunflowers to add to your emoji bouquet from everyone 🌻🌻🌻🌻

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