Privacy and legal information

  • Privacy and confidentiality statement
    Emerge Australia prioritises confidentiality of your private and sensitive information. The Emerge Australia ME/CFS Community Forum complies with the Australian Privacy Principles in managing your personal information.

    Emerge Australia will only collect, hold and use your personal information (email address) so that you can register, participate and become a member of the Online Community.

    Public and private areas of the forum
    The Emerge Australia ME/CFS Community Forum contains both public and private sections. We specify clearly under each category if a section is public or private.

    When you join the forum, all of the categories that you will be able to view and participate in will be public. This means that anything you write will be viewable by other people browsing the forum. For this reason, you are permitted to register for the forum using only your first name or a pseudonym to protect your identity.

    Some areas of the forum are private, and only some members will be able to access these. For example, members of Emerge Australia Online Community Groups will have access to a private sub forum connected to their group.

    We encourage you to share your experiences and ask questions of other members of the community. We can all contribute to building a supportive community while maintaining your own privacy and that of other people.

    Legal statement

    Your participation in Emerge Australia’s ME/CFS Community Forum is contingent on the following:

    • that you do not upload, post, email or otherwise make available any material that is abusive, harassing, obscene, defamatory or is otherwise offensive
    • that you do not upload, post, email or otherwise make available any material that harms minors in any way
    • that you do not impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, staff members and volunteers of Emerge Australia
    • that you do not collect or store personal data about other users of the Community that is of a personal nature
    • that you do not upload, post, email, or otherwise make available any unsolicited material or advertising, including, but not limited to junk mail, surveys, pyramid schemes and chain letters

    Emerge Australia reserves the right to permanently deactivate the account of any participant who engages in any of the above activities.

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